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Taking a Break From Writing Papers

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This is turning out to be one of the busiest and most expensive Decembers I have yet experienced in my short lifetime. I’m almost done with holiday gift shopping although I still need some items for my close relatives. Luckilly, although tiringly, I’ve been working some overtime which will hopefully fill in some gaps in my income.

Speaking of income, one of the new blogads on Consumerism Commentary is an advertisetment for a news show on which the topic is pornography. The ad currently has the word “PORN” in big letters. Hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone (and really, it shouldn’t — it’s not an ad for porn).

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avatar Caitlin

not just porn…but magenta on black porn LOL I have to say it gave me pause (I’m not offended, it just seemed out of context) but I give it 5 points for gratuitous use of the “mudflap girl” ;)