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Ten Percent of Income Over One Hundred Thousand Dollars

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Will you take this pledge? Can you assert that you will give 10% of your income over $100,000 to charity — any charity? This is what hundreds of people have done, and I’d imagine many more will, at ten over one hundred.

We’re making this committment because we think it will help make the world a better place, and we’re encouraging people to make the same promise to themselves and to their friends. If you don’t make $100,000 yet, pledge for the future and donate what you can now.

You can pledge anonymously or including your name and photograph.

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avatar Misty

Why are they waiting until they reach the 100,000 mark? There’s plenty of charities that could use the 10,000 that would be given away before then.

avatar mbhunter

We give 10% of our income even though we don’t make that much. It’s a tithe. AllThingsFinancialBlog.com has a post about this.

avatar JLP

I would be willing to bet that if EVERYONE, no matter what their income level, gave 10% (or tithed to their church), the world would be a better place.

avatar Terry Piatt

This is a joke, right? Sure, I’ll take the pledge. Since I have never earned as much as $20,000 in one year, this one sounds pretty safe.

avatar jim

Terry – you don’t get points for the pledge, it’s the thought that counts.