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The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

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Jungle Magazine, a publication focusing on business education and the eminent Master of Business Administration degree, has done a good job writing up Consumerism Commentary for one of the magazine’s past issues. I believe the article was published earlier this year but only recently did it become available online. They let the cat out of the bag as far as my real name goes, and some statements no more than closely resemble facts, but I guess that’s life as a rockstar.

My favorite line from the article:

The guilty pleasure of the blog is in the voyeurism of watching an astute, honest, financially self-aware everyman with an unpretentious prose style. “I use my own numbers, whether it’s a car payment or an insurance premium,” he says.

Supposedly, Consumerism Commentary is, will be, or has been featured in Budget Living Magazine, but I haven’t seen the article yet.

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avatar Henry

Cat’s not only out of the bag but down the street. Too bad about your ID getting leaked. Did you know it would come out like this?

Here’s a line that caught my eye, ‘He bitches about his yearly bonus…’ Better make sure the employer doesn’t read that line.

avatar doobie

That’s okay, you’ll always be Fenric to me.

avatar Luke Landes

When I was interviewed, I asked the author not to reveal my name. And the article does appear on a google search for my name, so I sent at email to the magazine to remove it from the article. Hopefully they will. I’ll have to see if I can have it removed from Google’s cache, but I’m not sure if that will work. I’m concerned with people who search for my name online finding this site, but not with people who read this site discovering my name. It’s a thin wire to walk.

avatar jim

The press is nice and I ran into the similar issue when NYT interviewed me, luckily my name is really common and they were okay with me never telling them my employer. It’s kind of crappy they revealed your name even though you asked them not to (I acquised to the NYT, because, well, they’re the NYT).

avatar Chrees

“The guilty pleasure of the blog is in the voyeurism”

Well, and the exhibitionism, too, from the other side of the keyboard. Nice article!

avatar mmb

I know! Sue them! It’s the good old American way plus this should take care of your #2. ??? and maybe even #3. Profit! so you can focus on finding your dream job.

avatar Jonathan

First Jim and now you H! Pretty cool – I suspect if you really cared about your identity, you wouldn’t have posted this on your blog =) I doubt all of us read Jungle magazine.

$3,600 a year on car insurance? ouch.

I got interviewed a couple months ago for Details magazine, but they decided I was too boring. They ran a story on guys that spend like there’s no tomorrow instead. =P Can’t really say I blame them, given their target audience.

avatar Luke Landes

Good news — they have updated the site to remove my name. Bad news — it’s still in Google’s cache.

avatar Luke Landes

Good news again! The site seems to have been changed in Google’s cache. Home free…