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The iPhone 4: Is It In Your Near Future?

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By now, I’m past the point of not caring what’s in the new iPhone. I “watched” Apple’s keynote presentation as it happened, and I’ve read several articles and talked to my friends and ogled the videos. I haven’t changed my mind, I still want one, and I will most likely be upgrading within 60 days (because also within 60 days, I will be free of credit card debt for the first time since 1997, and I intend to celebrate a little).

I had previously thought, based on what AT&T customer service told me, that I’d be waiting until August to be eligible for an upgrade price ($299 for the 32 GB model), but during Apple’s announcement we found out that AT&T is offering an upgrade price to many more of its customers than anybody expected.

Just dial *639# from the phone interface to receive a text message explaining if you’re eligible for an upgrade price.

Now I’d like to ask you about your plans for the new iPhone, available for pre-order as soon as next week. Maybe you think it’s better than anything else on the market, or maybe you hate Apple and you wish people would never say “iPhone” again… everybody’s opinion is welcome. We’ll relay the responses to this survey in the coming days.

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avatar Harm

I’m not planning on getting any smartphone, it’s just not worth the

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avatar Erica Douglass

I buy a new phone every 2 years. That way I’m not suckered by new features.

“I will be free of credit card debt for the first time since 1997, and I intend to celebrate a little”

I’d examine the belief behind this. Why do you feel the need to buy consumer goods in order to “celebrate”? Especially something that costs thousands of dollars over the long run…

I recently made a lot of money. A huge amount of money. And I thought about buying something to celebrate. Then I decided I really already had everything I needed, and my wants were just that–wants.

I may celebrate with a nice dinner out, or something small. The real satisfaction is within myself; knowing that I can do it. I plan to use the money to hire a new employee for 6 months and work on a new project. That got me excited.


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avatar Smithee

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that my current iPhone 3G is having some electrical difficulties, mainly in the audio / headphones area. It’s driving me pretty close to nuts, and nothing I’ve tried for free has fixed the problem.

Aside from that: I’m an electronics / gadget enthusiast, and my job relies on personal knowledge of interaction design. Apple is at the forefront of that space, so I’m a fan.

So I kind of need to replace my phone, and I really want to replace my phone.

I also plan on throwing a party to celebrate this huge milestone in my life. It’s going to mean a switch to an entirely new way of living, and I want to remember it.

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avatar Jenna

Hope you are planning on sharing the results of your poll!

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avatar Smithee

We sure are.

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avatar Rob

I’m pre-ordering on Monday; I just have to decide which color I want. AT&T is letting me have the upgrade price, so just $199. I’ll sell my current 3G for whatever the market bears, which means my out of pocket cost will be extremely low.

Very little cost for a much, much faster phone? Not to mention the other benefits? How could I say no?

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avatar The Happy Rock

I am still on a pre paid phone, because even though it would be cool I haven’t been(until now) interested with distractions that come with having a smartphone. With that said, I am in the market for one because it is almost reaching critical mass with ‘needing’ one. Too many others are using them in ways that is leaving our family out.

With that said I thought the iPhone 4 features really didn’t show much innovation. Sure battery life, dual mic, and front camera are all nice upgrades, but they have been done in other phones. Gyroscope is new, but doesn’t have much practical use outside of games that I can see. I also don’t like Apple’s philosophy. Strict control, constant upgrades, and lack of flexibility.

An Andriod phone like the EVO is much more my style, although the battery life is an issue with that phone. Plus they are sold out.

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avatar Rob

Lots of great smartphones on the market these days, but I wouldn’t discount the iPhone just because of specs on paper. I used to be a diehard Palm Treo guy – would tweak the crap out of those phones endlessly. However, when I finally switched to the iPhone, I fell in love… it’s crazy powerful, but it’s also crazy easy. Battery life is OK on the current generation. 40% better would make it outstanding.

FWIW, i’ve heard some awful things about EVO battery life. As in, 3-4 hours of standby. Crazy, crazy bad…. dunno how much of an exagerration that is though.

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avatar The Happy Rock

I suspect that the box settings on the EVO need to be tweaked. A friend was getting 7 hours or so with normal use, He has already bumped that up to 10 with 2 tweaks in the first week. Still would be bad for someone like me, who let’s there phone go dead for days one end.

I agree the iPhone is easy and beautiful, but they have to sacrifice flexibility and openness to get there. That just isn’t my philosophy or what I want.

Also ‘heard’ the new one was 30% more likely to break on a drop with the double glass design, which might be an issue.

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avatar Rob

I don’t doubt that some tweaking could improve the EVO battery life. That said, I don’t want to tweak these days :) I like devices that work “out of the box”, and work well without figuring out how to use them. Maybe I’ve gotten lazy – I used to tweak everything, from computers to smartphones, endlessly.

I am quite concerned about drops with the new iPhone. Sure, I like that the glass supposedly won’t scratch as easily as the current plastic back… but I’ve dropped my 3G countless times, and it’s help up like a tank. I’m thinking that a single drop with the iPhone 4 would shatter it… possibly both sides :(

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avatar Miss Thrifty

I’ll be getting one – for work!

Congratulations on becoming free of credit card debt after 13 years. Half of me thinks that Erica makes a good point about not needing to splash out to celebrate, but the other half thinks HECK, you do indeed deserve it! When treats are seldom, they are all the more appreciated…

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avatar Ryan@TheFinancialStudent

Great idea for a poll!

For the life of me, I don’t understand why companies charge this ridiculous $18 fee for upgrading. I don’t understand what that pays for. In the case of the iPhone, I’m already paying for the phone. Then, I’m paying for a voice/data plan for 2 years that subsidizes the rest of the phone price. A money grab is all it is.

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avatar Car Negotiation Coach

I wish they’d place nice with Verizon, I’m stuck with my phone on ATT and everything else Verizon….I know it’d be cheaper if I could bundle cell service in too!

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avatar Doug Warshauer

I tried to answer your survey but couldn’t didn’t know what to put for any of the questions. I have an iPhone now but use virtually none of the features, and don’t know what any of the new ones would do for me. Can’t say I plan to upgrade anytime soon.

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