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The Real Estate Roller Coaster

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I really enjoy good “data visualization”, which is a fancy, but more succinct way of saying “a way to look at information as more than just numbers.”

Last year, before most of us were aware of the “mortgage crisis,” some enterprising individual took a list of average housing prices in the United States since 1890, adjusted them for inflation, and then plotted them as if they were altitudes on a roller coaster ride. Watch the video, and you won’t be so surprised why the housing market took a downturn:

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avatar Twiggers

INteresting video! Love how it ends with us just kind of dangling off a cliff looking down at history. How fitting.

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avatar SmBizMan

This video has been on youtube for a while. I wish the author would update it to 2008!

I watched this video in 2007 right before I bought a house–and I still bought. Don’t let it scare you away. Buy for the right reasons, not because everyone else is.

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avatar Kyle

I used to love those rollar coaster building games. Do you happen to have access to the raw data? It would be interesting to see the actual number.

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avatar Smithee
avatar Brian

My parents always told me about “Bull”ies… the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Look out below.

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avatar SmBizMan

by the way, before oil dropped $20 a barrel recently, it looked very similar to that chart!

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avatar Andrew

More data to show that buying a house is NOT an investment. You buy a house because you want or need a house, not to make money. (Active real estate developers excluded of course).

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avatar Jesse

I loved the end where the roller coaster turns around and you see just how far it climbed. Chilling almost.

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