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The World of a Super-Spoiled Teenager

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Your father owns two car dealerships and spends thousands of dollars on you as if money were no object. Your extravagant Sweet Sixteen party was featured on MTV and featured recording artist Frankie J [warning: music] (whose hit seems to be a weak rendition of More Than Words). Your bedroom contains a Jacuzzi bathtub and drapes over the bed, like the princess you are. You were given two cars for your sixteenth birthday. You have your own makeup artist, hair stylist, manager, and publicist. Other than the MTV appearance, your biggest public performance was in the community theater in Scottsdale, Arizona as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

You are Marissa Leigh [warning: music]. (Honesty moment: I like her name.)

Marissa LeighWelcome to Marissa’s World is the story of a super-spoiled teenager whose parents push and control her performing career (which doesn’t quite exist).

So, is this the typical life in Scottsdale, Arizona? A few years ago, I traveled to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona and the Grand Canyon, all in the same state. I enjoyed the trip and I really loved the area. In fact, Scottsdale is one place I considered moving to, if the right job happened to land in my lap. Maybe I need to work for a teen superstar-wannabe. That’s it — I’ll be a financial advisor for rising stars whose daddies have mad cash to drop.

Will she succeed in her performing career? According to her acting resume, she can do a Cockney accent. That will certainly come in handy some day.

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avatar FMF

You should have warned me about the music on that site! Ouch!!!!

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avatar Luke Landes

I had a warning for one site but not the other. Sorry! Now both links have a warning about obnoxious music being played immediately when the websites are loaded. I thought web designers stopped this nonsense back in 1997.

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avatar Nick

She looks angry at the world.

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avatar SkyeBlue

Some reality show needs to sign this girl and her family to a lifelong contract. It’d be quite entertaining I am sure to see how her relationships with other people, especially future HUSBANDS and potential co-workers evolve!

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avatar elle

Yeah. Um. My dad owns 3 car dealerships. Please don’t judge us by that chick. I didn’t have a sweet 16 bday party. My parents give me all that I need and most of what I want. None of that includes anything remotely resembling a Chanel bag.

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avatar Madison Enrique

Where was that mansion that you rented and how much was it an hour???

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avatar Justin

hey girl! I am soooooooooo spoiled too!! my parents own 10 foreign and american car dealerships all together!! P.S. My sweet 16 is coming up can you get me a theater with a lounge and seating area??

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avatar Luke Landes

Sorry, Marissa Leigh can’t answer questions because she doesn’t read this website (as far as I know).

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avatar Christy

Think I’d rather listen to Paris Hilton sing.

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avatar K

No idea who Frankie J was, and wish to god I was still clueless – is it just me or does this douche sound just like Michael Jackson?

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