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There’s No Way to Sugarcoat This: I Spent Too Much This Weekend

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I attended a wedding this weekend, out of town. I thought I had prepared properly by trying on my clothes before leaving for the weekend, but I must have grabbed the wrong slacks at the last minute. Needless to say, I created an emergency for myself the day of the wedding.

Well, this was as good a time as any to get fitted for some new clothes to fit my current body shape. I knew from past experience that Men’s Wearhouse has nice clothes and could alter them in a hurry, but I’d leave feeling financially raped.

That’s pretty much how it worked out. It was an evening wedding; had it been a morning wedding, we never would have made it on time thanks to the expansion around my waist area and my poor planning and double-checking. So, how much did I spend in clothing? Read my monthly reports at the beginning of December to find out.

On the positive side, I did walk away with a nice suit that will work with clothes I already own (and that fit).

The next step is to fix my waistline. You can always alter clothes that are too big, but there’s nothing a tailor can do about pants that are too tight.

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avatar F2O

UGH, I just bought a suit from MW in September and left feeling the same way. Isn’t there anyplace else to get decent men’s clothing for a better deal?

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avatar kurt

I buy from Joseph A Bank. They are more expensive, but their “tropical” weight suits are a blessing in Houston.

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avatar Matt

Good luck with fixing the waistline; I’ve been doing that lately with some success. Unfortunately I’ve now found that I need to get some new clothes.

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avatar J.D.

I’ve been working on fixing my waistline, too. I’ve been working with a wellness coach, and have been pleasantly surprised with the results. It’s still early yet, but I have high hopes that I’ve turned the corner for good!

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avatar ib

that sucks!
i hate men’s wearhouse.
the boyf. & i went there to get a suit for him once and we felt like we were at a used car lot. while we browsed they would NOT leave us alone.
then to get fitted, we were completely swarmed.
they try to push the $200 shoes on you too.
we swore the place off after the one suit.

last suit was from jcrew.com at my urging(seersucker for out of town business in that type of climate last minute. needs a slight alt., but wearable. has only 2 suits total). looks good on him.

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avatar Craig

I’ve bought many suits over my lifetime and I’ve not had a good experience with MW. Did the alterations work out for you? They never tailored the suit how I asked even though I went back twice.

I find that if I go bargain hunting on a suit and pay a bit more to have it extensively tailored I come out happier in the end. (with more compliments to boot!)

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avatar F2O

Craig, I agree about the tailoring. With that last suit I bought, I had to pull out the receipt and show them the guarantee. Even then they tried to convince me that “that’s the way it supposed to fit”.
Sure it is….
I was thinking about K&G, anyone have any experience with them?

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