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THIRD ShareBuilder Bonus Received, the Free Money Rolls In

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I received $50 yesterday for opening my third account at ShareBuilder. Add that together with the $25 I received from ebates, that’s another free $75.

Here are those ShareBuilder promotion codes again, and here’s how to turn a quick $75 just for opening an account.

ShareBuilder-Welcome page

ShareBuilder’s trades are kind of expensive. You can buy for free using the technique linked above, but when you sell, it’ll cost around $15. Hold onto the funds for a long time to minimize the damage of selling. (I would assume that the fees for selling will increase over the long term as well, but free money is free money. It’s more than likely you’ll end up ahead of the game over the span of many years.)

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avatar Dus10

Cool, flexo. Do you know if there is any way to combine the accounts?

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avatar Luke Landes

There is. Fill out this form (PDF) and fax it to the number listed.

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avatar Dus10

Thanks Flexo! My second ShareBuilder account promo was deposited today. I still haven’t received the $5 or $20 from eBates.com yet. Hopefully there is no problem since I used a different email address with eBates than I did with ShareBuilder. Anyhow, I purchased the same stock that I did with my first promo, and I will be faxing in the form to merge the accounts after I get a confirmation that my money is on its way to my savings account. I was reading on FatWallet where Sharebuilder went to the trouble selling the stock and closing the account, and then keeping whatever they could up to the $50 promo for people that opened too many accounts. On of these people had opened 22 accounts, apparently, before they were “caught”. So, I definitely want to merge them, as it will probably lessen the suspicion, and truth be told, I doubt I am going to open 22 accounts, unless the Sharebuilder money keeps going on for years. I may try to open one account per quarter, as long as it keeps up.

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avatar Dus10

I emailed eBates after my last comment, and they took care of it by this morning. $75 worth of stock, and the only thing it cost me was the interest I would have gained if I let the $75 sit in my account for a month… and I will more than make up for that with the stock I purchased.

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avatar Dus10

Well, I faxed off the form to merge my accounts last Friday, and I got a message indicating that the two accounts have been consolidated, this afternoon. It worked like a charm. I would move on to promo number three, but there is a holiday time “Gift of Stock” promo that is available where you can setup a custodial or Coverdell ESA for one child, and you get a $50 promo for it. However, I found four different promo codes, so I guess you could do a seperate one for each child, for up to four children (I have three). I will run my third one after these clear, as I wouldn’t want to mess them up, along with mine.

Promo codes for Gift of Stock:
NCGIFT06EMA (Expires 1/15/07)
ENTHOLIDAY (Expires 1/15/07)
BBTGIFT06 (Expires 1/15/07)
GIFTSTOCK06 (Expires 1/31/07)

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avatar PT

Just got this in the mail: http://ptmoney.blogspot.com/2007/11/sharebuilder-has-been-acquired-by-ing.html
Think we will be able to move from investment account to savings account?

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avatar Grant

I know this post is extremely old, but it came up when I googled “sharebuilder promotion code 2010″, so I’m trying to find current promo code offering. It’d be awesome to get a few auto-trades or free real-time trades like they sometimes offer.

If anyone knows of any, please let me know!

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