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Tips For Writing Resumes

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With the 70+ degree weather in my area of the world today, it’s clear that spring is finally here. That means it’s time to look at situations and opportunities with a fresh face. That leads some people to update their resumes and possibly join the hunt for a new job in their career… or a new job in someone else’s career.

In either case, today’s Daily Money Tip from Marshall Loeb, a contributor to MarketWatch, is all about perfecting your resume.

Read the article to get the details, but here are his tips in abbreviated form:

* Talk to professionals in your field. They know best what should be included and what should not be included.
* Limit advice from friends and family. I don’t think Loeb is condoning ceasing all contact with loved ones, however.
* Search for resumes in your field. Loeb suggests books. I suggest Google. About.com is just one excellent resource. The University of California at San Diego’s Career Center has useful information. The amount of good material online, for resumes, cover letters, and even resignation letters, is innumerable.

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