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To Serve Man

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Over the weekend, the Billboard Liberation Front celebrated 50 years of McDonalds by modifying a billboard (including animatronics) by Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

The billboard is clear in the picture but the animatronics depict Ronald force-feeding a supersized burger to a supersized kid. The billboard modification was perpetrated by people dressed as Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar, and other McDonalds characters.

For more insight into McDonalds’ corporate strategy, check out the multimeda experience entitled What Will the Corporation Do? by Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. The song and accompanying slideshow are based on a management presentation a few decades old. One lyric: “We need more advertising to tell our story, and keep hamburgers before our customers.”

Also: I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, whether Memorial Day was celebrated or not. It was nice to have a long weekend and I always enjoy barbecuing with friends and family. I met some distant cousins — both retired lawyers — and received some insight into the choices I’m making for myself and my future.

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