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How Much Personal Liability Insurance Do You Need? The Motley Fool recommends covering yourself for how much you might have to lose if sued at the end of the term of insurance rather than how much you might lose if sued now.

Are you an extreme saver? (For some reason, I’m reminded of the extreme kayaking from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.) Michael Potter lives on an income of $15,000. He hardly ever drives, cuts his own hair. and still finds a way to support kids and his hobbies, which include ceramics and motorcycles. Even on his low income, he can afford a $7,000 entertainment system, thre Corvettes, and a $16,000 Harley.

Google [GOOG] is still above $300 per share. Will it split? Meanwhile, oil has dipped below $60 while we should expect gas at $3 per gallon.

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avatar tershania

I don’t think Google will ever split. Sergey and Larry have repeatedly said they don’t plan on splitting the stock to attract the average investor. I read on buygoogle.com the two founders are running their stock like Warren Buffet…who’s never split their stock.