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The Federal Reserve Bank raised rates to 3.0%. Will ING Direct, Emigrant Direct, and other high-yield internet savings banks follow?

Seven rules for negotiation. Here is some good advice for negotiating anything, such as raises, car prices, and hostages. I wish I had read this when I first accepted my current position at this company. I could have saved those hostages.

Be careful, you might end up getting married without any intention.

“There’s no nationwide housing bubble,” but perhaps prices will level off. It seems we’ve been beating this drum since I started this blog but house prices in my area keep going up. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to pretend I can afford something.

Neville started a business — well, a germination of a business contained in a website with no original content yet. (Whatever works to bring in the ad dollars, I guess! There’s no reason not to do this sort of thing if you think of it, if it doesn’t aggravate the actual authors.) Last night, I was listening to All Things Considered, and an idea struck me. I registered the domain name and worked on the site overnight. (I couldn’t fall asleep, anyway.) Once I’ve programmed more functionality into the site (member logins, a weblog, message boards, etc.), I’ll release it to the public. I don’t know if the site will be a big money-making venture, but it should get a lot of visitors.

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Budgeting: Review your finances in a full-length mirror, cut back on the cash carbs, come up with a financial workout plan. Times and metaphors like these, I’m glad I’m not a woman.

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avatar jim

The negotation article is a good read, I recommend it.

avatar Neville Medhora

So what’s your new business? Hurry up and finish it so you can tell me what it is :-)

You should also be warned about the bulletin boards saying: “Content THEN community”

Goodluck on whatever it is!
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(Sorry, it’s free advertising and I can’t resist!)

avatar Luke Landes

Unfortunately the only time I have to work on it this week is between midnight and 7:00 am and I generally like to sleep during that time. Perhaps the site will only progress during fits of insomnia. :>