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Top 10 Blogs on pfblogs.org by Clicks per Post

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Yesterday, I posted the Top 10 Blogs of pfblogs.org, ordered by total clicks since the beginning of the aggregator in February. Here’s a list that may be more relevant or interesting. What follows is the top 10 blogs listed by average clicks per post over the past two months, as of Wednesday night. Only blogs with more than 60 posts during that time period — about one per day — are included.

This might measure nothing more than the ability to write a catchy post title, but whatever the reason is, here is the list.

10. The Frugal Duchess: 3.61 cpp (368 clicks on 102 posts)
9. Get Rich Slowly: 3.89 cpp (498 clicks on 128 posts)
8. Lazy Man and Money: 4.07 cpp (374 clicks on 92 posts)
7. Binary Dollar: 4.17 cpp (296 clicks on 71 posts)
6. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity: 4.27 cpp (517 clicks on 121 posts)
5. Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge: 4.69 cpp (352 clicks on 75 posts)
4. Consumerism Commentary: 5.09 cpp (656 clicks on 129 posts)
3. Penny Foolish: 5.12 cpp (435 clicks on 85 posts)
2. Single Ma’s Fabulous Financials: 5.36 cpp (482 clicks on 90 posts)
1. Blogging Away Debt: 5.52 cpp (580 clicks on 105 posts)

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avatar Binary Dollar

Heyo! Rock and roll. I had no idea I was even in contention!

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avatar Sun

Any plan to list bottom 10 blogs by clicks per post? I may be belong to that department :D.

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avatar Lazy Man and Money

Wow, outstanding. I’m honored (and frankly amazed) to be in a group with some of these great bloggers.

Sometimes I try to go for the catchy title :-).

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avatar bluntmoney

Hehe, every time I click on one of Lazy Man and Money’s posts I think of how great he is at writing catchy titles. (And the content to match too…)

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avatar Golbguru

I second Sun’s proposition above (if he is suggesting that) :) I might find myself there.

Also, it’s surprising to not find MyMoneyBlog anywhere either lists. From the number of comments he gets for each of this posts, he sure beats the entire bunch at pfblogs.org.

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avatar mapgirl

Oh hey. Me? Really?

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avatar Single Ma

Wow, I’m surprised! Interesting…

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avatar Prince of Thrift

a few of these blogs and many others made the “Top 100 to Read in 2007″ thaty will be annouced tomorrow as well.
I am not sure how many media outlets will actually pick the story up, but I know the organizers are officially releasing the press release tomorrow.

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avatar TJP

Well done, Flexo.

I’m impressed with Mapgirl.

She managed a high CPP while only publishing 75 posts.

What’s your secret?

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avatar English Major

That list frankly doesn’t surprise me at all. Those blogs write solid, personal, individual content in unique and entertaining styles. Their posts aren’t interchangeable at all.

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avatar Tricia

Wow. I agree with Single Ma. And I have to say thank you to everyone who visits me through pfblogs.org!

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avatar dimes

I’ve definitely noticed that the title can have an effect on the clicks! So can the timing of the post.

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avatar Frgual Duchess

Hey Flexo:

Thanks for crunching the numbers and posting the results. I’m honored to be on the list.

And I so totally agree with you about the titles/Headlines.
Take care!

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avatar Saving U From Credit Cards

If anybody has a minute, I would love some advice on writing catchy titles to attract a click or 2.

Any good books out there?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

BTW, I am trying to get a feel for it by visiting the blogs mentioned above.

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avatar Joseph Sangl

How are you tracking clicks per post? I would like to know this for my blog.

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