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Top Earning Musicians in 2005

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Which muscal acts raked in the most money last year? If you’re an incredibly popular band or act and you tour, revenues are high. The band may not see all of that money — it goes to a number of different people like managers, promoters, agents, etc. — but the numbers are staggering to those of us who are not quite as famous, working to earn a living.

Here are the top ten money-earning musical acts, from Forbes.com.

1. The Rolling Stones (proof that drugs help you live long and earn more): $168,000,000
2. U2: $150,000,000
3. Kenny Chesney (who?): $110,000,000
4. Green Day: $99,000,000
5. The Eagles: $84,000,000
6. Paul McCartney (of Fidelity fame and some band): $83,000,000
7. Celine Dion: $81,000,000
8. 50 Cent: $79,000,000.50
9. Dave Matthews Band: $74,000,000
10. Elton John: $66,000,000

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avatar FMF

What do you mean “who” on #3? Have you been locked in a closet? ;-)

(Hint: Married/divorced RZ quickly).

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avatar Luke Landes

I must have been, because “RZ” loses me, too. Oh, umm… Renée Zellweger?

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avatar SingleMom

50 cent earns more than Elton Jon? WHAT?!?!?! :-0

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avatar Jerry Kindall

On the contrary, it’s amazing Elton John is still making as much money as he’s making this far into his career. Few artists have that kind of staying power. Anyhow, nobody in that Top Ten is going hungry…

I’m surprised that the Dave Matthews Band is that big. I mean, I knew they were big, but I didn’t know they were seventy-four million big.

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avatar Caitlin

re: fiddy’s earnings…HA! good one ;)

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avatar Sean

The list is alarming…..fortunately in the UK there’s an ocean protecting us from Celine Dion, Keeny Chesney & dave Matthews.

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avatar FMF

Yes, Flexo (on RZ). See, there’s hope for you after all. ;-)

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