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Twilight: New Moon: The LOL Edition

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I’ve written before about how “alternate commentaries” can make old movies seem new again, mostly as a way of saving money vs. buying more DVDs. In that article I made a few recommendations from Rifftrax, among them the teen “vampire” “love” story “Twilight”.

(Without resorting to any more snark, I’ll just say that there’s a part of the public that really enjoys the Twilight books and movies, there’s a part of the public that likes the books but not the movies, and then there are people like me who don’t understand the fuss. That’s okay, though, I recognize I’m not in the target audience. No big deal.)

The good news is that the Rifftrax crew have, as their fans fervently hoped, released a new MP3 download to play along with the recent DVD release of “Twilight: New Moon”. I’m happy to report after watching it that it was at least as good as the first one. Best $4 I’ve spent all year, in fact. You can watch a video sample on the Rifftrax page, and I’ve noticed some unofficial fan compilations on YouTube, as well.

Twilight2WebThere’s a very good chance someone in your family has already bought the “New Moon” DVD, or you could borrow it from a friend of your kid’s. All you need to enjoy the funny edition is an mp3 player of some type. The downloadable commentary track comes with instructions and a reference file of sync points. I highly recommend it.

In addition, since my last post about Rifftrax, these other great commentaries have been released:

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