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Two pfblogs.org Developments

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I have to share two interesting developments with the Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator, pfblogs.org. They kind of let their announcements slip away silently, and perhaps they deserve more attention.

I’ve started using the pfblogs.org Blogroll on Consumerism Commentary, and it’s really easy to implement. Check it out.

If you like pfblogs.org, you may want to read about their annual campaign which is starting in April. They have a modest fundraising goal of $200 for the month. The site will never have advertising, so any help keeps the site running smoothly.

Full disclosure: I’m the pfblogs.org webmaster.

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avatar FMF

Ha! I knew it was you!!!

BTW, I still can’t get used to your pic at the top. ;-)

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avatar Marcus

Flexo -

I didn’t know you were the webmaster for pfblogs… I’m not liking it much these days and here’s why:

Too many blogs + too many posts = too much.

My bloglines account holds 200 articles per feed. Due to the number of blogs you’re aggregating, my Blogline feed for pfblogs is full – no lie – like every 4-6 hours. Nobody can keep up with that. So in the end, readers won’t try.

I applaud what you’re doing, and notice that you’ve got a little category differentiation going on that I’m going to look at, but IMO it’s not very RSS friendly at this point.

Perfect example: I never miss a Flexo post because I’m pulling your feed. But I couldn’t tell you the last time I noticed your feed amidst the other 200 from pfblogs.

Just some constructive criticism for a product that’s reached critical mass. :)

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avatar Luke Landes

Good points, Marcus. The aggregated RSS feed is overwhelming, and I wouldn’t be able to follow it. I don’t think most readers use pfblogs.org for its RSS feed. It’s definitely not the most useful aspect of the site.

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avatar claire

Hi, Flexo.
Nice picture, nice site redesign.

A comment for the pfblogs.org webmaster:
Would you consider changing the alphabetization in the pfblogs blogroll to ignore inital articles like A and The? Maybe nobody else has even noticed, but us librarians get a little compulsive about how information is organized. I want to realphabetize that blogroll every time I see it.

Thanks for considering it. Pfblogs.org seems to be maturing nicely. The new policies on post frequency, the low-pressure funding drive, etc, all seem like good progress.

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avatar Bryan

Aha! I had sort of wondered why there was that reference to the “Bryan Pounces Zannah” video :)

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