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Unexpected Gift and Contest

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Apparently, when I opened a savings account with Emigrant Direct in March, they were offering a free logo baseball cap. I didn’t realize this until a package was waiting on my welcome mat as I arrived home (late) from work last night.

I like surprise gifts, but I’m not a baseball cap-wearing person. Do you want it? (I haven’t worn it.) If so, leave a comment on this post containing your email address (and website, if you have one) and let me know how often you read the site (even if it’s your first time) and what you’d like to see on Consumerism Commentary.

I’ll choose a winner randomly within a week and contact you for a mailing address.

The cap is white and has Emigrant Direct’s logo on the front — I’ll add a photo tonight, if I get a chance.

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avatar Luke Landes

Looks like the hat isn’t getting much love. Ah well!

avatar Doobie

Hey, if there’s only one entry, there’s only one winner!

avatar Doobie

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Consumerism Commentary kicks ass. I’ve been reading it for over a month now and I’m not bankrupt yet!

And for a blatant plug, visit doobie77.blogspot.com for more Doobie goodness. And if you’re a family member, I swear I’ll put more baby pictures up soon…I promise.

Hey, does this count as a second entry?

And, oh yeah, I’m looking for Flexo’s take on what to do if you suddenly win the lottery? Do you get lawyers, accountants, etc. before you even go public? Lump sum or cash? (And, no, I haven’t won the lottery.)

avatar Cap

is ED just targetting frequent read bloggers? lol.

johnathan at mymoneyblog also got the hat, and he also made a post about it.

I’m thinking they just send them to people that may give them a wee bit more exposure.

or not. hehe

avatar Luke Landes

Well I’m not quite sure how they would link my ED account, which is in my real name, to this blog. :>

avatar Cap

good point. I thought when that marketing company approached you for the ED ad, they knew ur info.


i think JP got more than just a hat though. hmmm

avatar Personal Finance Blog

I got the cap too … great for my kid.

avatar Jonathan

Nope, I just got a hat. Got a lame messenger bank from someone else though. Here’s the post:

What the he… Bank Swag?

If you manage to take off the embroidered logo, I suppose it may work as a white hat. I’m sorry, but that is a lame promotion. I mean, we’re talking about and all, but I’d rather get a ED bottle opener or somethin’.

avatar Jonathan

Oh, and you can steal my picture by the way: