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Verizon Wireless $25 Referral Bonus

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Did you know that you can easily get a $25 credit on your Verizon Wireless phone bill? I don’t recall seeing it advertised anywhere, but if a new customer lists an existing customer as a someone who referred him or her to the company, the existing customer will receive $25 to be used towards their next bill. I’ve confirmed that my $25 bonus for referring a friend is listed on my newest statement.

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avatar monty loree


This way if you keep referring people you won’t pay for your cell phone use.

Kind of like a multi-level marketing for cell phones.

avatar nickel

There used to be a guy that was selling numbers for Sprint PCS referrals on eBay. No idea where he got them, but for about three bucks you could buy yourself a number that would give you a $20 service credit. He seemed to have an endless supply. Not sure if he’s still doing it. I should probably check.

avatar scott

how do you do the referral? do we call verizon? or there is a website that you can do it online?