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Wasting Time

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Although employers expect workers to waste some time on the job, they don’t expect the actuality: employees waste more than two hours each day.

That is what Salary.com discovered through a survey. The top item on the time-wasting list is, of course, use of the Internet, including email, web browsing, and surely blogging for many.

The survey was conducted online, so it’s more than likely the pool of respondents is skewed towards people who spend extra time on the Internet.

The article mentions: “But when it comes to gender, there was no difference. Men and women reported wasting an equal amount of time. That contradicts what many human resource managers assume. In a separate survey of HR managers conducted by Salary.com, most said they assumed women wasted more time.”

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avatar Darren R. Sussman

Really? Only two hours? I would have figured more, actually. It was always my feeling that you weren’t likely to get more than about 4 good hours of work out of a person a day. Maybe 5, but definitely not 8.