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Weekend Accomplishments

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I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. It’s been a difficult time for thousands of people with regard to the Katrina catastrophe. I hope every reader and their families are safe. Sometimes, we have to remember that there are more important things in life than reading and writing blogs. Before I left for the weekend, I attached a Red Cross ad to the site to aid in donations, replacing some of the Google ads. Please find a way to help those in need; the poor are often forgotten or ignored, as is obvous in the manner people were (or weren’t) evacuated and rescued.

I probably spent too much on wine (about $30) this weekend with my girlfriend as we visited the North Fork of Long Island. I’ll probably use the wine as gifts at some point. In addition to the vineyard tour and wine tasting, we participated in some free entertainment on the boardwalk at Jones Beach.

Following my success with selling old textbooks online, we decided to list some of my girlfriend’s books. After two days, three books have sold totalling more than $100 after Amazon.com fees. These fees currently account for about 20 percent of our gross sales. It seems a little high, but I doubt we’d be able to get good prices for these books otherwise.

Payments Receivied $319.41
Fees ($61.00)
Total $258.41

In other news, the newest Carnival of Personal Finance has been posted at Savvy Saver.

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avatar Doobie

Hey Flexo (and others), you’ve been selling via Amazon. Do you see an advantage selling there vs. eBay? I would think more people would use eBay but, on the other hand, Amazon is really hitting your target audience.

avatar savvy saver

thanks for the link!

P.S. $30 on wine isn’t bad. We spent four times that last year at the Grape Stomp.