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Welcome to a new weblog dedicated to the struggle for personal financial freedom. While it’s mainly about my strife, there are a many great things that can be pulled in from the internet. I hope to explore many different points-of-view on the topics of financial independence, work-for-life and other philosophies, and money in general.

So my readers can understand where I am coming from, here is my personal financial update, which I will continue to give every so often.

Cash Accounts: $ 9,825
Taxable Investments: $ 2,722
401k (Pre-Tax): $ 6,127
Roth IRA: $ 150
Credit Cards: $- 447
Student Loan: $- 3,913 at 3.97%
Home Inventory: $ 6,784

As you can probably guess from the above numbers, I have only just recently begun my Roth IRA investment. Everything else is the result of about a year to year and a half of working at a place that pays decently (by which I mean something livable). I’m moving into a new apartment in a few weeks and I expect my expenses to grow by about $600 each month. That’s going to make saving much more difficult.

The above credit card amount is just for some charges associated with moving into the new apartment. These all get paid off before any interest is charged, so it’s not something I have to worry too much about.

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