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Win a Free iPod Touch From H&R Block

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This giveaway is now closed to new entries. Thanks to everyone who has participated. We will be selecting the winners shortly.

It’s time for another giveaway. H&R Block wants to give an iPod Touch to two Consumerism Commentary readers. The iPods will be delivered with an app pre-installed to help taxpayers as we approach the final filing stretch.

The strongest feature of the “H&R Block Tax Answers App,” available here from the Apple store, is the ability to get personalized answers to your tax questions. When using the app, your iPhone or iPod Touch with WiFi is connected directly to H&R Block’s Get it Right Community, with 1,000 tax experts on hand. In general, you will receive your response, for free, within 24 hours.

Other features include a glossary so you can quickly get a definition for an unfamiliar tax term and a quiz where you can test your tax knowledge.

H&R Block Tax AnswersAs you can see from the Tax Answers app’s main menu, you can also use this program to locate the nearest H&R Block office. If nothing else, you can use this for a scavenger hunt or you can check with your friends to see who has the most locations in a ten-mile radius of his or her home.

As I’ve mentioned before, an independent tax accountant completes my tax return. If you have a simple tax situation, many online tools are available. H&R Block’s At Home is the company’s re-branding of TaxCut, and other perennial favorites include Intuit’s TurboTax and TaxACT. All of these options offer free federal filing for taxpayers in certain situations.

How to win a free iPod Touch

I’m going to keep this simple. If you would like to be entered in the giveaway to win one of two iPod Touch devices, leave a comment here. If you want two extra chances, follow @luke_landes on Twitter and link to this giveaway on Twitter with the following phrase:

Win a free iPod Touch from @luke_landes and @ConsumerismComm! http://bit.ly/d5r1BS

You must enter by 11:59 EDT on Friday, March 19, 2010. Two winners will be chosen randomly from among the respondents within a few days of the giveaway’s end. As always, only one set of entries (comment and Twitter) per name or IP address is allowed.

Now for some fine print. H&R Block is providing the iPod Touch devices directly to Consumerism Commentary readers. The software is being provided independently of any other H&R Block reviews posted on Consumerism Commentary. Consumerism Commentary is an authorized affiliate of H&R Block.

This giveaway is now closed to new entries. Thanks to everyone who has participated. We will be selecting the winners shortly.

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avatar Linda Klages

I hate tax time – let someone else do it for me please………………

avatar SavingEverything

Please count me in… my entry didnt appear yet on your listing. Let us know how winners are randomnly selected, who does the selection, who supervises it, and how you will avoid people using alternate IP’s and emails and public internet accesses.ANd, how are you an authorized affiliate of H&R?

avatar Luke Landes

Those who participate receive either one (if they leave a comment) or three (if they leave a comment, follow on Twitter, and retweet) sequential numbers. I remove entries that do not follow the rules listed above by looking for comments with the same IP address. There is no consideration for two different people using the same public computer or the same proxy server. I will see this as the same IP address and subsequent entries will be disqualified. The random number generator at random.org is used to select two random numbers. I’ll contact the winners privately. Consumerism Commentary is an authorized affiliate through Commission Junction.

avatar wlou

Thanks for the contest, something positive taking place during tax season.

avatar Monica

This is exactly what my son wants for his birthday in April…..great giveaway!

avatar Bryce Utterback

I would love to win the ipod touch :)

avatar Betty

Her’s to H&R Block!

avatar Joseph

Thanks alot. I would love to own an iphone =)

avatar Joseph

sorry i-touch =P

avatar Nick Wedige

I would Love to have a Ipod touch…. I’ve been working so hard on saving up for one but with student loans it’s kinda hard… It’s a awesome giveaway and it means a lot to people. Thanks!!!!!!!

avatar rick

here is my comment for entry

avatar John

Throwing my hat in the ring.

avatar Burcu

please enter me

avatar Latisha

sweet giveaway! i will definitely tweet this!

avatar Chris

I would love a touch….

avatar Madeline

I owe this year. Would definitely love an iTouch!

avatar Christopher


avatar Katrine

This would be the first time that doing my taxes would be music to my ears!

avatar Jonathan Wright

Enter me to win!

avatar CYvers

Sign me up!

avatar Jay

I would love to win this Touch-ing event!

avatar Steph

I could definitely use this! Thanks

avatar valentina wynnchuk

I’m always happy with getting my taxes done at H&R. Also, this latest contest is a winner. Thank you.

avatar Ben

this would be awesome

avatar Monica Kelly-Parlee

I’m entering on St. Patrick’s Day and hoping my Irish roots will help me win this great prize!!

avatar CommRE

I like my odds!

avatar angel

i want it so bad

avatar juan

Great giveaway, always wanted one of these gadgets! I actually installed the app on my verizon droid, kind of disappointed in the slow responses i got from some tax questions i posted, better late than never, i suppose. Good luck to everyone!


it would be nice have

avatar Clarke Collins

Very exciting! Thank you for making such a great contest available!

avatar Lindy

I would really like to win this ipod. My sweetheart has one already and they are amazing!

avatar Louie

Sign me up please

avatar Erastos

Yes free ipod! Yes help with taxes!

avatar Teddy

Sounds awesome. I hope I’m lucky!

avatar Jamie

Awesome article :D

avatar Liz

Following, buzzed, twittered and shared!

avatar Andrew Nevelos

iTouch me baby!

avatar Jerry Leach

I looked at this app and thought it was really cool. Good giveaway!!

avatar Jade McBain

MEEEEEEE!!! I could use this!!!!! Pick me!!!! I love taxes!

avatar Robin

Great give-away, so can’t wait to have it in my hand! Thanks H&R!!

avatar Jen

Pick me please

avatar Tammi

What a great way to make tax time easier to handle for the folks that don’t get the payouts! Pick me, pick me, pick me! Please. LOL. Thanks for this!

avatar Wendy R

Great contest, I would love this iPod touch!!

avatar Melinda

An app like that is always handy

avatar hope

This would be great. Thanks for the offer.

avatar Olivia

It comes in handy.
as a student and business man.

avatar Roberto

Would love the giveaway!!!

avatar Holly

Thanks for the giveaway. Hoping to win it!!!

avatar Amber Pollock

This is a fantastic offer, and a really great app. I hope I win! :D

Tweeted and following, and crossing my fingers.

avatar Penny Van Kirk

I would love to have an ipod touch!

avatar jojtsmom

get all you can get

avatar Kris

Would love to win the IPOD touch. I am also following @flexo on twitter and tweeted the phrase.

avatar Katharine

I would love an iPod touch. Following you on twitter now and posted.

avatar Al

Cool – An ipod touch with tax software. Neat!

avatar Scott Norwood

Great idea!, Great prize!

avatar Wouter

I’m always struggeling with my taxes… Hope this will be a turning point :)

avatar barb bombardir

Taxes, ugh!!!!!!!! Great prize!!!

avatar Michael Je


avatar Edward Moore

Put me in for a contest entry

avatar Maria Strong

I would love to win this iPod Touch. The apps would help me, considering I have not started my taxes yet! I am following you on Twitter. @thesavingqueen

avatar Emma Shephard

Great prize!

avatar peggy

Clever! Sign me up!

avatar Brian

I would love to win an iPod Touch!

avatar axel valle

I shure will like to have an IPOD!!

avatar Veera Darapureddy

Great giveaway. I would like to participate in this

avatar Reinaud Schreur

I would love an iPod touch, I do not have the spare money for one though. I hope i can get one this way :)

avatar Nancy Hall

since mine died, and I seem to deal with everyone I know, tax questions, an ipod would rock

avatar Michael Hourigan


avatar Dave M

Wow! I have always wanted to know more about finance and would love to win! thx

avatar Sean

Howdy, I just learned about your website today.

avatar karissa

I’d love a I pod Touch!

avatar karissa

I love all things Apple

avatar Shane Adcock

Very nice! Consider me signed up. haha.

avatar Kaleb

PICK ME!!!!!

avatar Cindy

Enter me please!

avatar Miriam Bookey

So, this iTouch would really be for my incredibly fiscally responsible 9-year-old son! I’d love to honor the fact that he’s been carefully saving his allowance money ($3 a week) for almost a year for an iTouch by surprising him with one, then letting him use that money toward college savings.

avatar Rachel Austin

I could really use this Ipod!!!

avatar Madelena PedersenMacnab

This is too funny. I would never pair “winning” with taxes.

avatar Julie

Great giveaway….pick me please!!!

avatar Sara

Thanks for the chance to win!

avatar Bucksome Boomer

Great giveaway! Plus, I haven’t done my taxes yet…

avatar Jason

Thanks for the chance to win! Good blog!

avatar rewards

Yah for free stuff!

avatar Heather Garland

YES I would definitely like to be entered to win one of the itouch devices! Thanks for the chance!

avatar Heather Garland

I follow @flexo on twitter (I’m @hgarland)!


avatar Heather Garland
avatar The Happy Rock

Pick me?

avatar Ed

Ipod Touch is awesome!

avatar KD Munoz

I’m a following & tweeting on twitter @FLboyzmom

avatar Saiyid

Thank you, count me in.

avatar axel valle

I think technology is a great tool this times, and to help fill taxes great tool,AV

avatar Chris P

Would love to receive this gift for my girlfriend. She would be so siked!

avatar Anne

Great giveaway, perfect for tax time. Thank you.

avatar Ian Wharton

I would love one of these! Thanks guys!

avatar Jamal

Count me in too! :)

avatar Jamal

I also tweeted & followed. Twitter name: ciencas

avatar Luke Landes

The giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. We will contact the winners shortly.

avatar Wendy R

who won it? please.

avatar jason bonner

i love giveaways

avatar Andrew Rauman

i want a free ipod

avatar Amber Pollock

Well, now that a month and a half has passed, who turned out to be the winners?

avatar Luke Landes

The winners were Ernest S. and Latisha. They were notified by email in early April.

avatar michae ferreira

i would really love to have one of these i have always wanted one but my parents could never afford it

avatar Angel Quintanilla

Awesome… I would definitely love to have an iTouch on my hand right know…to play music, games and more.

avatar Angel Quintanilla

Right nowwwwww!!!!! …. :@ i hate my browser’s grammar correction