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1,500 Economic Stimulus Payments Sent To Wrong Accounts

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The 2008 economic stimulus package is a story that won’t die. Many people have been concerned that they haven’t received their stimulus payment via direct deposit by the date originally scheduled based on the last two digits of their Social Security number.

The Associated Press is now reporting that 1,500 stimulus payments have been sent to the wrong bank accounts. That’s a small portion of the total rebates being delivered, but it may explain why you haven’t received yours.

New York-based IRS spokesman Kevin McKeon acknowledged in a statement that about 1,500 payments nationwide went to wrong bank accounts. But he said the problem was dwarfed by the nearly 30 million stimulus payments totaling more than $27 billion that have been issued correctly…

Anyone receiving a misdirected IRS deposit is required to report the mistake to their bank, he said. Anyone who receives a paper check they are not entitled to must also return the money.

Unfortunately, the IRS has not officially explained to taxpayers the exact amount they should expect to receive, and many people have not used this stimulus payment calculator or the one at the IRS to determine what they should receive.

Good luck.

Some IRS Rebate Money Going To Wrong Accounts [AP]

Updated September 4, 2016 and originally published May 16, 2008.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I did recieve a letter from the IRS telling me how much to expect. It was a bit confusing but at the end of their explanation, it did give me the exact amount to expect. They should have sent these out a little earlier though. I got mine the Saturday after my deposit and my boyfriend got his the Tuesday after.

>>>Unfortunately, the IRS has not officially explained to taxpayers the exact amount they should expect to receive, and many people have not used this stimulus payment calculator or the one at the IRS to determine what they should receive.<<<

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avatar 2 Anonymous

This whole thing is messed up! They really need to get it together. Everything is so confusing. The gov’t rushed this thing to the press, gave few details on the proposed roll out of funds and have been kind of secretive about it ever since. It’s like a CIA operation, no one person knows what the other is doing at any given time.

It’s not the point of the “stimulus” money, I have a job and really, the money won’t really change people’s lives forever. It’s the half-assed way the whole thing happened. I thought this package was supposed to help solve problems not create more headaches!

I’m going to stop stressing over this mess. I am supposed to receive something but I don’t know when, if ever. I have learned something, though. I will never file with a third party like Turbo Tax, I think they knew about this and neglected to tell us. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a cut, too.

I had high expectations but I have to keep reminding myself that it’s the govt we’re talking about. They are consistent in that they tend to let you down.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

My dad recieved his letter from the IRS that he would be recieving his check. He draws Disabled Social Security. He filed married filing jointly with one qualifying child. The only thing is that the letter states he will be only recieving $600 instead of $900. They have a qualifying child shouldn’t they be recieving $900.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

We had to pay over $3000.00 in taxes for an income under $24,000 for the year. My spouse and I are older and would have preffered not to have paid all that in. The bit they give us back costs so much more for all the processing fees and such. All of us as txpayers are not getting much. Someone will have to pay for it all in the long run.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

If their tax liability is less than the max amount they get less
and since they are on ss disabiltiy i am assuming that the income is low so then they only qualify 300 per individual and 300 per child (the child has to be under age 17)

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avatar 6 Anonymous

My confirmed direct deposit stimulus payment scheduled for May 9th. has never been received. I understand the IRS has a form to report the issue but so far, I have not been able to locate the form. Can anyone direct me?

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avatar 7 Anonymous

the economic stimulus payment calculator
gives me the amount of 1200 and the letter i received today states i’m only getting 900. does anyone know how to contact a “real person” to fix this issue?

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avatar 8 Anonymous

Sept 2 08 1:47 pm
I don’t know what these people are complaining about. Their payment was a month late? I filed in March and again in July and still haven’t received a stimulus check or a notice of any kind.

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avatar 9 Anonymous

I finally got my check and it is made out to me and my ex-wife whom I last spoke to 5 years ago (and was last listed on my tax returns in 2001!) I filed my joint return for 2007 with my current wife before April 15, and there is absolutely no logical reason for this error. So not only is this check not cashable, my ex is obviously not getting her money either.

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avatar 10 Anonymous

Same here Jed..I filed in Feb..and again in june to report my social security disiability..and have received no stop is to my congressman office…Sad when the ones that need it the most are left at the sidelines..

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avatar 11 Anonymous

Welfare, SSD, SSI and over $75,000 (reduced based on inc.) get stimulus checks. But, working class people that are in between aren’t receiving anything. Doesn’t make any sense to me. The small amount that are being to the certain class and the small amount look like the gov’t. just trying to controll the outrage of the people. They just goof because the low inc. worker is not receiving anything and their the ones that wld use it to stimulate the economy. Can’t believe people think this is going to really help. Can’t buy much with the little we’re getting. Big business got a lot more (banks still are foreclosing and not giving loans ;cars still aren’t being sold); what does that tell us. Who is going to buy a new car with their check? Who is going to buy a house with thier check? My single working daughter (making a little over $20,000 with 3 children) isn’t getting anything. My welfare daughter with 3 children having assistance with rent, utilities, and food got a large stimulus check already. Don’t let the gov’t make you think they’re helping taxpayers; they’re trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes again and meanwhile they’re going to let illegal aliens receive SS and all other assistance but not the Am. Worker. This is just another one of the Federal Gov’t. plots to redirect our attention from the important acts that they’re pushing through. Give me the money to buy a new car (not GM); give me the money to paid a mortage (not Banks); give me the money and not the illegal aliens. Wld like to be a illegal aliens because they’re getting more income and assistance then I am. Don’t leave the Feds decieve us with a little grocery money.

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avatar 12 Anonymous

Forgot, daughter on welfare get free medical (PP and Dental) and prescriptions too. I’d have been better off on welfare instead of working all my life.

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