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Residual Value

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I like to see this as vindication for my purchase…

Honda has been named by the Automotive Lease Guide as being the best brand for residual value for the second year in a row. That means its cars hold its value over time.

However, if the results are divided into categories, the Nissan Altima displaced the Honda Accord this year for the top spot on the list.

Details of the report are here.

Anxiously Awaiting?

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Thanks for writing in; I know I’ve been a little slow with November’s financial update. It would be more accurate to say that I haven’t posted it at all yet, which is entirely true. You are anxiously awaiting my monthly update, but you (and I) will be disappointed to see only a minor improvement, if any at all.

You’ll see the update as soon as I have some time awake at home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all USians out there. I’m on vacation in Orange County, California at the moment, and I’ll post a Flexo update to my finances when I get back to Jersey next week. Have a great holiday!

Better Than The Bare Minimum

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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Retirement (from CNN Money) lists five easy steps for those who don’t want to expend energy and still be able to retire. Here are the five steps:

  • Think about how you want to live when you retire
  • Take advantage of your 401(k) or a similar investment account
  • Use automatic contributions to transfer money directly from your paycheck into an account you can’t touch for spending
  • Invest in index funds to save you the worry of picking stocks and funds
  • Don’t mess with what you have; just let it sit and grow

According to the author, this is the very minimum you should be doing to plan for your retirement.

Short-Term Savings

by Luke Landes

The Motley Fool on the importance of short-term savings. Having an easily accessible cash stash can prove to be one of the most important parts of your saving and investing strategy. Maintaining the liquidity of the equivalent of six-to-twelve months of your expenses means that if you run into an emergency, you don’t have to […]

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Not-So-Good Realization

by Luke Landes

Remember when I was happy to realize I would be receiving three paychecks in December? I miscalculated. However, I will be receiving three paychecks this month, with the third one coming in next Friday. It’s a good thing, too, since I’ve been feeling financially strained lately. It would have been nice to have that “surprise” […]

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My Name is Flexo, and I Approved This Message

by Luke Landes

Last week, I received the following email. I have changed the name of the firm for the safety of the author: Flexo- I enjoy reading the posts on your blog ‘Consumerism Commentary’. It is a well put together site. I was reading a post on 9/29 about your brokerage recently charging you an annual fee. […]

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Good Realization

by Luke Landes

I looked at the calendar this weekend and realized that I have three paychecks coming to me in both October and December. That will definitely help ease my money issues since I budget for two paychecks monthly.

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Annual Fee?!

by Luke Landes

My previously-mediocre-but-not-horrible discount brokerage firm decided to start charging an annual fee… a fee higer than some full-service brokerages. I’m high-tailing it out of there ASAP, and I’m looking to do it without any tax implications. Although, even if I have to sell, the tax burden shouldn’t be too bad. So, with the several thousand […]

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Random Acts

by Luke Landes

Do you perform random acts of money kindness? Have you ever been the recipient of something unexpected? Besides always tipping generously at restaurants, I try to help people out when they’re in dire need. I’m going to try to keep that article in mind and do more when I can.

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