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July 2004

I’ve been through many changes in the past few months. As you might have read below, I stopped working at my former corporate job and began working as a high school teacher, hence the pause in my 401(k) increases. During the summer, I am working part time at my old job and considering whether I will be teaching again in the fall. When I started teaching, I needed a car to get around, since no public transportation is available. I purchased a 1997 Honda Civic at that time. In June, after having some problems with that car, I decided to purchase a 2004 Honda Civic.

Yes, I know I’ve talked about buying new cars in mostly negative terms. I considered many things, and I decided that buying a 2004 Honda Civic for a good price was the best way for me to go. The car will last me as close to forever as possible, and was not much more expensive than a slightly used version. Included in my “home inventory” is the old Civic which I am still trying to sell.

Additionally, I recently spent a week in California. I managed to limit my expenses there by staying with relatives. The stock market has also not been kind over the past few months. So, on with the financial update:

  July 17 February 17
Cash and Savings: $ 13,200 $ 13,408
Taxable Investments: $ 3,129 $ 3,242
401k (Pre-Tax): $ 9,989 $ 9,660
Roth IRA: $ 3,179 $ 2,041
Credit Cards: ($ 1,709) ($ 2,165)
Student Loan 3.97%: $ – ($ 1,720)
Student Loan 2.82%: ($ 6,323) ($ 9,250)
Home Inventory: $ 13,059 $ 9,454
Equity in Car: $ – $ –
TOTAL $ 34,524 $ 24,575

Lack of Updates

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Yes, it certainly has been a while since I’ve updated here. Since my last posting, I switched careers, albeit only for a few months. I started working as a teacher, which necessitated the purchase of a car. Over the summer, I’ve been working at the job I had prior to teaching, but only part-time. In the next month or so, I’m deciding which path my life and career should take. I hope to post a finanial update soon, and hopefully it won’t be too depressing.