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May 2005

It’s a holiday weekend, and for me that means I’ll be spending some time catching up on things I need to get done, seeing family and a girl, and barbecuing. The weather just happens to be wonderful, which makes the fact that I’m leaving the office at 2:00 pm even better.

Have a great weekend! (Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be online at least part of the time…)

Stress!Workers in the United States put in more hours on the job per year than those in other countries, according to the International Labour Organization, an agency of the UN. The survey finds that there is a higher level of worker stress in the U.S. With baby-boomers getting set to retire, a large portion of the work force will disappear, putting more burden on younger workers. Managing stress will become more important.

According to the American Institute of Stress, this issue has been described as America’s number one health problem. Psychology Today suggests work-related stress is as harmful as smoking. Stress can lead to strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, ulcers, back pain, and many other “diseases of civilization.” Often, people attempt to treat the symptoms of these disorders but the root of the problem is never addressed.

There are two major categories of treatment according to While medical treatment if one option, some individuals can be treated by self-care at home:

If you can identify the source of your stress, remove yourself from it or address the situation. That may be all that is needed to resolve the situation and your anxiety. Even if you are only able to get away for a few seconds or minutes, the break is important and can help you on the way to a more permanent solution.

How can we prevent stress? The same resources recommends regular exercise, positive thinking, realistic goal-setting, time management, and self-reward. Some people might also have success with yoga, meditation, and other non-medical solutions.

On the job, human resources departments often have many options for dealing with work-related stress for company employees. At my company, massages are available at certain times during the year (for a fee). Many companies hold Stress Management seminars for their employees, as well.

More resources:
* offers a comprehensive guide to stress, co-published with the Adam Healthcare Center.
* Want to evaluate your stress level? Take this online stress quiz, offered by the 4therapy Network.

In addition to offering a new archives index for Consumerism Commentary, I’ve created a category cloud. The category cloud lists all categories in a text size relative to the number of associated posts.

I’ve also begun recategorizing some of the older posts to fit nicely in the scheme I’ve been using lately. That project will take a little bit more time and isn’t a high priority.

Hedge funds have received a bit of negative press lately. Here are just some examples from MSN Money (“Billions of dollars in hedge-fund money disappeared into thin air amid the GM mess”), Marketwatch (“Treasurys rise on hedge fund woes”), and The Herald (“Complex hedge funds criticised”). I’ve heard the term over the past several years, but what exactly are these products called hedge funds? I was curious for more information, so I spent some time researching.
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Bring In Da Noise, Bring In Da Lunch

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For as long as I’ve been working here — nay, as long as I’ve been working — I’ve taken the easy, lazy way out by buying my lunch every day. Usually it’s from the cafeteria, but a filling and sometimes creative company lunch, even though subsidized, still costs more than six dollars. Eating at the […]

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Is The MBA Worthwhile?

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Loyal readers may recall that I’ve been working on my MBA (master of business administration) degree through the University of Phoenix Online. Other MBA students from more traditional graduate schools are often surprised when I describe the amount of work required for the degree. I have a little less than a year left if I […]

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New RSS Feed Available

by Luke Landes

You can now subscribe to a syndication feed for comments only. This feed contains the latest reader comments with a link back to the original entry on Consumerism Commentary. This way you won’t miss any interesting discussions taking place on earlier entries.

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The Artistic Side and Today’s News

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You may not know it from reading this website, but I’m more of an artistic individual than anything else. Throughout school (not including my MBA, that is), my studies centered around music, and my original plan was to be a high school instrumental music teacher. Every once in a while, I get to do something […]

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Income and Expenses, April 2005

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This entry goes hand-in-hand with my April account balances. Three paychecks came my way this month, in addition to some money for a job I did for a friend and my first Google Adsense check. Continue reading this entry to see the chart.

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Account Balances – April, 2005

by Luke Landes

There was nothing surprising during April. I did make some changes to my accounting methods. For instance, I have new accounts in Quicken for money that is due to me, such as Google AdSense and Upromise. Speaking of AdSense, I received my first check this month. I never meant for this website to make money, […]

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