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October 2005

Purchased a Bed

by Luke Landes

I made a purchase yesterday that will hopefully improve the quality of my life considerably. My girlfriend and I decided to split the cost of a new bed. For the last several years, I’ve been sleeping on a twenty year old bed. I purchased the mattress, box spring, and frame from the father of a […]

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Carnival Monday

by Luke Landes

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I made a pretty large purchase this weekend, and I’ll talk about that in a future post. It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for the Carnival. Hello, Dollar! posted the latest Carnival of Personal Finance and my thoughts on spoiled kids was included. Speaking of children, make […]

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Kids Want The Darnedest Things

by Luke Landes

Is your kid a spoiled brat? When I was young, I generally got what I wanted from my parents. They were lucky that the things I wanted weren’t much. (Though they were upset when I’d rack up lots of long distance phone charges with the modem while calling BBSs.) Many parents struggle with not buying […]

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End Traffic By Raising Prices

by Luke Landes

Charles Wheelan, a new columnist at Yahoo! Finance, suggests raising the price of driving (through the costs of gas and tolls) in order to eliminate traffic congestion. The future of transportation will look a lot like the I-15 FastTrak in San Diego. This expressway has free lanes and HOT (High-Occupancy/Toll) lanes that run parallel. Here’s […]

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Staying Away From Fund Fees

by Luke Landes

MSN Money is carrying an article suggesting ways to get around mutual fund fees. As mutual funds have become more complex, fund companies need to spend more on marketing to explain their products. The expenses are then, as one would think, passed along to the customer. Timothy Middleton suggests “marching straight into the new reality” […]

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Negotiating for Salary – Men vs. Women

by Luke Landes

I’m a fan of social experiments, and here’s an interesting study. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University wanted to determine if sex had a role to play in hiring decisions. Male and female observers, playing the role of decision-makers, watch an interview with male and female participants (job candidates). When the candidate was asked what he […]

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