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April 2006

Raising Interest Rates

by Luke Landes

Everyone is affected by raising interest rates, but different people are affected in different ways. CNN Money describes how a typical American (homeowner, spender, etc.) is affected by interest rates. Interest rates are simply the cost of borrowing money; the prices paid by institutions trickle down to the consumer. So if you’re in the market […]

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Be A Financial Advisor

by Luke Landes

Money Magazine has ranked hundreds of careers and have decided that the job of Financial Advisor ranks third. That’s not too shabby. Here are the stats provided by the magazine. The average salary is $122,500, which is a little less than three times what my base salary would have been this year had I not […]

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Carnival of Personal Finance Thoughts

by Luke Landes

The Carnival of Personal Finance is up at MyMoneyBlog. If you’re interested in participating or hosting, more information is here and next week’s host is Five Cent Nickel. There’s a lot of discussion surrounding the Carnival these days. Much of it stems from the fact that the universe (specifically, the personal finance blogging universe) is […]

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Where Is My SEP IRA?

by Luke Landes

I was hoping to write about my new SEP IRA account this weekend, but TIAA-CREF hasn’t withdrawn the money from my ING Direct savings account to fund it yet. I would have liked to mention how I’m using the SEP to put some of my 2005 non-salary income away to reduce my tax bill, but […]

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Carnival of Personal Finance Needs Future Hosts

by Luke Landes

A lot of my regular readers here have blogs of their own, so this is for them. We’re looking for more hosts for the Carnival of Personal Finance, and the only real requirement is you have to participate in the Carnival occasionally. The slots are full until October, so if you have a blog that […]

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Personal Finance Classes Do More Harm Than Good For Teens

by Luke Landes

It’s widely agreed that people are not generally taught about money management as they grow up from children, to adolescents, and to adults. USA Today is looking at a new study from the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy which tests high school students on basic financial knowledge. Here’s the survey with answers [Microsoft Word […]

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How Liz Pulliam Weston Became a Millionaire

by Luke Landes

Let’s face it: if she (and her husband) can, you can, too! While acknowledging that a million bucks ain’t what it used to be, Liz, a columnist for MSN Money, shared her secrets about how her family’s net worth climbed to $1,000,000. There were no game shows or “reality” TV appearances. According to Liz, here […]

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