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October 2006

The Blame Game: Poor Money Management, Part 1

by Luke Landes

There’s a discussion at StopBuyingCrap about credit card companies’ evil tacticts. In fact, Cap comes clean with this humble admission: No body forced me to buy the mountains of Japanese comic books, computer hardware, and automotive parts. Sure, the credit card made it easier for me to spend money I didn’t have — but the […]

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Enhance Your Career By Consuming Alcohol (With a Giveaway!)

by Luke Landes

I linked to this article, but I wanted to focus on it when I had a chance. That chance is now. An article from, a resource for entrepreneurs, says that drinking alcohol can help your career. Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how. Regular drinkers make 10 percent to 14 percent more money than those […]

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Holiday Season is Approaching and Kids Want Presents

by Luke Landes

If you have children in your life who are not isolated from society, then chances are they’re going to want one of the toys on this list. Even the most astute parents’ intentions to steer their kids towards more educational toys are stymied when the children go to school, watch television, and play with the […]

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Group Review: The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing

by Luke Landes

This month, I’ll be participating in JLP’s mass review of the book, The Boglehead’s Guide to Investing, by Larimore, Lindauer, and LeBoef. One blogger will review one chapter of the book throughout October. Look for my review of the Asset Allocation chapter next Wednesday. Here’s the entire schedule:

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My MBA at the University of Phoenix Online, Part 3.5: The Stadium

by Luke Landes

As you may know, I’ve been writing a series about my experiences with the University of Phoenix Online. So far, I’ve written about my decision, the admissions process and course logistics. Before continuing with the rest of the series, I wanted to mention a recent development. The University has purchased naming rights to the stadium […]

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Credit Score Question From a Reader

by Luke Landes

Hi, faithful readers. I received a question through e-mail from Brian. He’s looking for some advice for managing his credit score. Here is what he asked: If I pay off my minimum balance due, and say my remaining outstanding balance to credit ratio is 0.75, is this very bad for my credit score? I don’t […]

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Personal Income Statement, September 2006 (Net Income: $4,200)

by Luke Landes

There are several interesting notes about September’s income and expenses, but fiirst, here are the details.

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