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February 2007

5 Tips for a Frugal Valentine’s Day

by Luke Landes

Do you want to be romantic and save money? In a world where romanticism is portrayed by the media as the giving of expensive gifts like diamonds, a Lexus, and a tropical vacation, romanticism and frugality are seen as incompatible. Here are some ways to bring the two concepts together in a beautiful marriage of […]

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Spending More Money on the Internet

by Luke Landes

Here are five reasons according to Forrester Research people spend 15 percent more on the average online transaction compared to a traditional transaction from a brick-and-mortar store. You don’t have time to think. Once you have items in your cart, retailers want to move you through the checkout line before you can reconsider. If you’ve already […]

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A Teen Millionaire’s 3 Principles to Success

by Luke Landes

This is an excerpt from You Call the Shots, by Cameron Johnson. You can find my full review here. In this guest post, the author shares 3 principles that led him to succeed. I started my first business at age nine with $50 and a home computer, and ran it from my room at home […]

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Guest Post: Why Did I Decide to Write a Book?

by Luke Landes

At the age of fifteen and as a freshman in high school, Cameron Johnson’s internet company had grown to sales in excess of $15,000 per day. Cameron is now 22 years old, and his most recent endeavor is writing. Cameron Johnson is the author of You Call the Shots, a book I highly recommend. In […]

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Financial Ratios for Personal Evaluation: Debt to Income Ratio

by Luke Landes

The main reason I first started Consumerism Commentary was to publicly track my financial progress from “down-and-out” to “not quite as bad.” I started plugging my financial details into Quicken, and like Kara from Ka-Blog says, watching your net worth grow is addictive. There’s more to your finances than just the bottom line, though. I […]

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Review: You Call the Shots by Cameron Johnson

by Luke Landes

Cameron Johnson features testimonials from T. Harv Eker and Donald Trump on the dust jacket for his new book, You Call the Shots. The book also includes a foreword by David Bach. However, this book outshines in many ways what I am used to seeing (over and over) from the typical financial gurus like Trump […]

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The Carnival is Up, and Thoughts On Finance Writing

by Luke Landes

The Simple Dollar is hosting the latest Carnival of Personal Finance, and it was full of good articles from the past week. I’ve noticed a shift in writing style in the personal finance niche over the past year or so. I like the personal stories. This “personal level,” missing from traditional media, is so easily […]

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Study: Money Makes People Mean

by Luke Landes

A recent study entitled The Psychological Consequences of Money shows that people with money on their mind are less likely to help others. Here’s the abstract: Money has been said to change people’s motivation (mainly for the better) and their behavior toward others (mainly for the worse). The results of nine experiments suggest that money […]

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The Simple Dollar Will Host the Carnival

by Luke Landes

The Carnival of Personal Finance will be hosted on Monday morning by Trent from The Simple Dollar. He tells me he’ll be assembling the submissions while watching the Super Bowl. I encourage all bloggers to provide Trent with your best money-related article from the past week so he’s not bored during the game. There’s a […]

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Bad Job-Hunting Tips You Must Avoid, Part 2

by Luke Landes

Penelope Trunk from Yahoo Finance published an article busting job-hunting myths. I looked at several of her un-tips yesterday and in Part 2, I’ll finish off my thoughts. Bad Rule No. 5: Don’t have typos in your résumé I’m not recommending that you misspell words on purpose, but I am recommending that you chill out […]

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