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July 2007

Survey Results: What You Like (And Don’t Like) About Consumerism Commentary

by Luke Landes

About a month ago, I asked readers to answer a short survey so I could learn about this blog’s readers. It was a fun experiment, but looking back, I could have designed the survey a little better. Regardless, the survey was successful. So far, I’ve shared who you are and your reading habits. Now I […]

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Pseudo-Savings Option: GE Interest Plus Account

by Luke Landes

I received an email from a reader about the GE Interest Plus Account. This account functions like a savings account with limited check writing privileges, but there are some important differences to consider before you open an account. The account offers high interest rates in tiers. For balances less than $15,000, you’ll earn 4.91 percent. For […]

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Your Advice to Your Younger Self

by Luke Landes

The two winners of the free copies of Cash, Cars, & College, by Janine Bolon were informed last night. If you entered the contest, check your email to see if you’ve won. In order to enter the contest, I asked that commenters provide some financial advice they’d give their teenage self if they were able […]

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Don’t Expect a Big Pay Increase: Other Options

by Luke Landes

Hewitt Associates is saying that companies are not planning above average base pay increases in 2008 thanks to rising health insurance costs. This is the same reason I’ve heard over and over again. Average employees have nothing to look forward to in terms of raises, as perhaps they shouldn’t have. Even above average employees will […]

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10 Inexpensive Things You Could Do This Summer

by Luke Landes

If you happen to live in the United States, enjoy your Independence Day! I’ll be searching for a concert and fireworks display to my liking this evening to attend with my girlfriend. For the remainder of the summer, here are some suggestions for having a good time without spending too much money outside of travel. […]

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My eBay Account Was Hacked!

by Luke Landes

Yesterday I received an email apparently from eBay, informing that my account was used for malicious purposes, and I should change my password post-haste. I’m very skeptical of emails apparently from eBay. Normally I delete them without thinking. But this email managed to catch my attention. Here’s a portion of the text: It appears your […]

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Go to College Without Going Into Debt: Impossible?

by Luke Landes

According to the Motley Fool UK, the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) has stated that unless parents are in the fortunate position to provide their children with “absolute financial support” during higher education, that students must accept debt as a fact of life. (Students Must Accept Debt, Motley Fool UK.) The rising cost of a […]

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Personal Income Statement, June 2007 (Net Income: $2,223)

by Luke Landes

Late last night, I published June’s balance sheet. This is my income and expense report, which goes hand-in-hand with the balance sheet, explaining a little bit about how my net worth changed from May 31 to June 30. Thankfully, my higher-than-normal expenses were matched by higher-than-normal income. Here are the details.

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5 Good Reasons to Avoid Debit Cards

by Luke Landes

I have two checking accounts. One is with Wachovia, which has been my main checking account (through bank mergers and acquisitions) for the last 15 years or so. The other is with ING Direct, which is a more recent development. Both checking accounts have provided me with debit cards which can be used to access […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, June 2007 ($99,506, +1.33%)

by Luke Landes

The balance sheet I’ve been tabulating for the past few years leaves out a few important items. My report doesn’t include my personal property other than my car, nor does it include the tax I’d have to pay if I liquidated all of my assets. Therefore, it’s not accurate to call the bottom line my […]

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