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August 2007

Should You Accept a Counteroffer?

by Luke Landes

Reader Aaron writes in with his latest workplace developments and a question. While working at my current job, I have been interviewing for a new position with the same company. The new position is at a significantly higher level with a title to match, a higher salary, a better commute, and what seems to be […]

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Top Ten Used Cars Under $10,000

by Luke Landes

Updated: Here are the Top 10 cars of 2008 and the Best American Cars of 2009. If you have $10,000 available to spend on a car, has suggestions for you with a recent top ten list. Here’s their methodology: [W]e crunched retail values for late-model used cars and factored in reliability ratings, safety equipment […]

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Market Update: August 6, 2007

by Luke Landes

The Dow gained more points today than on any other day this year. A sign of more to come? Dow up to 13,468.78, S&P 500 up to 1,467.67, Nasdaq up to 2,547.33. [USA Today]

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Fidelity Investments to Offer High-Yield Checking

by Luke Landes

I am currently on vacation and may not offer posts as frequently as usual. More brokers are offering high-yield checking accounts to compete with ING Direct’s Orange Checking. Offering competitive checking accounts helps the brokerages increase their assets without having to pay a significant portion of its earnings out as interest. Right now, E*Trade is […]

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The Carnivals are Up!

by Luke Landes

Consumerism Commentary is included in two blog carnivals today. The Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted at Frugal Law Student, includes Another Case of Misleading Statistics, and the Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted at Finance Psychology, includes Paying Off Debt: 6 Steps to Building a Better Snowball. Here are some of the articles I enjoyed from […]

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Market Update, August 3, 2007

by Luke Landes

My trading window is open, but the company stock in my ESPP is down from where it was at the end of second quarter. I’ll need to make a quick decision to sell or hold for another quarter. Dow down to 13,181.91, S&P 500 down to 1,433.06, Nasdaq down to 2,111.25.

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$25 Bonus for Opening ING Direct Electric Orange Checking Account

by Luke Landes

After logging into ING Direct to view my account balances this morning, I noticed the bank is offering referral bonuses like they do for their savings account. I have $625 to give away, $25 to each of 25 individuals. I’ve written about Electric Orange a few times. Here are some of my prior posts about […]

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Do You Waste Two Hours Every Workday?

by Luke Landes

This was a cross-cubicle conversation topic earlier this week. apparently has time enough to waste which allowed them to complete the 2007 Wasting Time Survey. Across all workers, 1.7 hours of an 8.5 hour workday is wasted on tasks like arranging doctor’s appointments, socializing with co-workers, and using the Internet for personal purposes. As […]

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Bad Implementation: High Speed Mortgage Payoffs

by Luke Landes

There’s a new mortgage technique that’s gaining popularity in the United States. This is the first I’ve heard of it, and I don’t like it, even though the technique supposedly allows people to pay off mortgages faster, saving interest expense (but losing investment opportunity and the reverse effect of inflation). The premise users a home […]

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Personal Income Statement, July 2007 (Net Income: $4,646)

by Luke Landes

to get a complete picture of my finances as of July 31, 2007, please read my latest balance sheet if you haven’t done so already. This is the second part of my monthly reporting, the income and expense statement. This was another out-of-the-ordinary month. The lease on my new apartment began at the end of […]

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