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January 2008

Put Your Savings in Hyperdrive, Part 5: Hide Your Savings From Yourself

by Luke Landes

Over the past week, I’ve been sharing some ideas for taking your savings to the next level. Try to take advantage of high-yield savings accounts while you sill can. With the economy in bad condition, it’s likely the Federal Reserve is going to lower the target interest rate, which will mean lower interest rates for […]

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Helping Mom Retire, Part 1: Conquering the Stack

by Sasha

My mother and I have recently started the journey to retirement together. By together, I mean that she’s starting to consider retiring in the next few years, while I’m realizing just how much help she’s going to need in order to get there. I’m up to the challenge, but it’s going to be a lot […]

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Hedging Bets on Blu-Ray But Still Disappointed (and Blog Roundup)

by Luke Landes

Last year, I decided to become a “late early adopter” by taking the jump to high-definition entertainment. I upgraded my equipment, including a Toshiba HD DVD player. While cognizant of the HD format wars, I went ahead with HD DVD because the equipment was better priced for the mass market. I thought thought that due […]

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Put Your Savings in Hyperdrive, Part 4: The Expensive Coffee-Related Drink Factor

by Luke Landes

I’m on a quest to determine a number of financial moves that will accelerate savings beyond the typical snail’s pace. I’ve written so far about opening a high-yield account, keeping your change creatively, and automatic your savings. These are all basic concepts that can be applied in interesting ways with a little bit of attention. […]

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Put Your Savings in Hyperdrive, Part 3: Automate Your Savings

by Luke Landes

If you’ve ever run from one point to another, you’re probably aware that there is a limit to your speed. With “analog” equipment like the bones, muscles, joints and tendons in your legs and feet, there are physical limitations that prevent you from going too fast. Don’t worry. Thanks to recent inventions, it’s quite easy […]

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My 2007 401(k) Performance and Blog Roundup

by Luke Landes

Yesterday, I received my final 2007 401(k) statement in the mail. According to their records, my account’s performance in the fourth quarter last year was down 3.50 percent while my performance for the entire year was up 7.09 percent. That’s a bit of a let-down from 2006, when my 401(k) performance was a strong positive 16.25 percent. It […]

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Put Your Savings in Hyperdrive, Part 2: Keep Your Change

by Luke Landes

Whether you’re trying to establish an emergency fund or putting money away to take your dream vacation, you can reach your goal faster by putting your savings in hyperdrive. Unfortunately, scientists have not yet perfected time travel. When they do, saving for retirement might only entail traveling back to the 18th century to deposit $1,000 […]

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Flexo’s Budget for 2008

by Luke Landes

I decided this year that a rudimentary budget would help me further analyze my spending beyond my monthly income and expense reports. Since moving to my new apartment last July, my discretionary expenses have been increasing. Perhaps designing a spending plan and evaluating my real expenses against the budget each month will help me rein […]

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Put Your Savings in Hyperdrive, Part 1: Open a High-Yield Account

by Luke Landes

Hyperdrive, also known as warp speed or a number of other terms in science fiction, refers to traveling faster than light. While theoretically impossible for objects due to the special theory of relativity, moving at this incredible pace is possible for your money. While you have a savings account earning continuous interest, you are becoming […]

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Case Study: Retire a Multi-Millionaire With a $11 per Hour Job

by Luke Landes

When it comes to getting rich slowly, I’m generally a skeptic. The typical path to getting rich slowly prescribes investing $1,000 a month for thirty years into the stock market, earning 8 percent each year. At the end of thirty years in this example, you will find yourself with $1.5 million, but there are major assumptions […]

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