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June 2008

Guide to Starting Your First Job

by Luke Landes

A reader was kind enough to forward to me a helpful article published by the New York Times, guiding new graduates in the right direction as they take on their first real full-time job. Many graduates have had experience in the work force before, but it’s not until graduation when they can truly begin focusing […]

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Carnival of Personal Finance #157: Third Anniversary Edition

by Luke Landes

Welcome to the third anniversary edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! It’s hard to believe the Carnival has been in operation for so long, traveling to so many different locations week after week, yet here we are, starting the Carnival’s fourth year with a presentation of some excellent articles. Last year’s second anniversary was […]

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What’s Your Neighborhood’s Walk Score?

by Luke Landes

If you’re moving into a new neighborhood, it’s usually easy to drive around (or walk around if the new neighborhood is a city) to find amenities and stores within walking distance. If you agree that walking is a necessary exercise, the ability to walk to destinations should be a large factor when deciding where to […]

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Quicken 2009 Beta Open to Volunteers for Testing

by Luke Landes

August 25 update: Quicken 2009 is now available for purchase. Consumerism Commentary readers get good discounts here. I’m a heavy user of Quicken, so I’m considering signing up for the “beta test program” of the new version that will be released later this summer. If you’re approved for the beta test program, you will receive […]

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McCain vs. Obama: Your Future Tax Bill

by Luke Landes

The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center released a report yesterday that explains in detail the effect that a McCain presidency and an Obama presidency would have on the tax bill for American households. The data are stratified by income range and reflect a wide difference in stated policy between the two candidates. In addition to making […]

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New $25 Bonus Promotion Code for ShareBuilder Accounts

by Luke Landes

Updated June 24, 2010. Last month, I praised ShareBuilder for its low fees in a list of the best true discount brokerages. In the past, ShareBuilder has offered free money in the form of account opening bonuses to attract new customers, but these promotions have been missing since ING Direct purchased the brokerage. ShareBuilder has […]

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How I Could Find $10,000 Per Year if Necessary

by Luke Landes

Recently, JLP discovered that if he needed to, he could “find” an extra $13,000 per year by cutting back some of his discretionary expenses. By eliminating beer, soda, and a number of other unnecessary but nice expenditures, the savings can add up quickly. (I’m a bit surprised that JLP spends $50 per month on beer. […]

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Question of the Day: How Much Vacation Time Do You Use?

by Luke Landes

I’ve been at my current company for six years now. That’s quite an accomplishment as I intended to work for this company for a short time while seeking out something more meaningful. As I’ve stayed with the company while moving around to a variety of departments, I’ve accrued to privilege of taking an increasing number […]

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It Was Hot on the Farm, and Weekend Blog Roundup

by Luke Landes

The SPF 50 seemed to do the trick. On Saturday, my girlfriend and I spent seven hours in 100+ degree heat and humid air to experience a number of musical performances at the Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival. To tie this into personal finance, I’ll simply say that it was an expensive day. I […]

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Can You Judge a Financial Adviser By Her Own Portfolio?

by Luke Landes

Consider a hypothetical popular financial adviser with $30 million in investable assets. Her (or his) primary clients may average $500,000 of liquid reserves ready to be directed in any manner as instructed. The typical advice these clients may receive likely involve investing mostly in equities through stock index funds. They have low expenses and are […]

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