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August 2009

Don’t Let Dealerships Mislead You About Cash for Clunkers

by Luke Landes

It’s debatable whether the Cash for Clunkers program, formally known as the “Car Allowance Rebate System” or the apt but unoriginal acronym “CARS,” will eventually be seen as successful either in terms of the economy or the environment, but it certainly has dealerships fired up. While the dealers appreciate the customers — without Cash for […]

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How to Save Money at Baseball Games

by Luke Landes

I am not a very good baseball fan. I grew up with the Mets as the team of choice in my family although none of us were much into sports. This loyalty was solidified with the team’s World Series win in 1986 when I was ten years old, the prime age for baseball fandom. Now […]

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Earn $500 By Referring Friends and Readers to ING Direct

by Luke Landes

Update: The waiting list is currently full. Keep reading Consumerism Commentary (or subscribe) to be notified when the waiting list is open again. ING Direct is one of my favorite banks due to their savings account. While ING Direct’s Online Savings Account does not offer the highest interest rate, they are consistently towards the top […]

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Iced Coffee Savings

by Smithee

This is a cliché, but I need my coffee in the mornings. I prefer it iced, except in the very brief winters we have here in Texas, and for a long time, I was a loyal customer of the Starbucks Iced Coffee in a Can. I’d have one every morning at least four times a […]

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One-Third of Home Loans are Under Water

by Luke Landes

A few years ago, a coworker formed an investment partnership in speculative real estate. He promised investors a 10 percent annual return and was using the capital to invest in Florida real estate, earning 15 to 20 percent overall. As most of the real estate had not even been inhabited or built yet, the investments […]

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Podcast 17: Buying and Owning a Home in Today’s Market

by Luke Landes

In this episode of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast Tom Dziubek and I discuss home purchasing and ownership with David Crook, editor of the Wall Street Journal Sunday and author of Complete Home Owner’s Guidebook and Complete Real-Estate Investing Guidebook. Within today’s podcast, David Crook shares his evaluation of today’s real estate market and offers suggestions […]

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My Grandmothers and the Cost of a Funeral

by Luke Landes

Ninety-three years is a long time to live. My paternal grandmother was that age when she passed away this past Saturday. I attended her funeral, a graveside service, earlier this week. She lived in Florida, but she was flown up to Long Island to be buried with her husband, who died in 1968. A couple […]

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Alumni Association Perks

by Jeff

As you’re reading this, I’ll probably be standing in a line somewhere or sitting listening to a speaker at my graduation ceremony. Yes, my long journey to a bachelor’s degree is finally at an end. Since I’m graduating at the end of summer, instead of in the spring, it kind of feels like I’m sneaking […]

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Credit Card Use Increases Prices for Everyone

by Luke Landes

I use a total of three credit cards, but I don’t pay interest fees because I don’t carry a balance — I only spend what I can pay off before the due date. For a conscientious consumer, there are a number of reasons to use a credit card for as many expenses as possible. You […]

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Podcast 16: Jeff Rose, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and Jeff Bartlett, Consumer Reports Autos

by Luke Landes

In this episode of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast Tom Dziubek speaks with Jeff Rose, Certified Financial Planner™ about financial planning. Jeff talks about different professional designations for financial planners and what it takes to become certified. He shares with Consumerism Commentary Podcast listeners some of the trends he sees with his clients, advice that could […]

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