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March 2010

Broaden the Concept of Return on Investment (ROI)

by Luke Landes

I was talking to a friend and former co-worker the other day about a recent major acquisition in the finance industry. One large company in this industry had financial trouble of its own in the last few years, received an infusion of capital to keep it afloat for a while, and began selling off its […]

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10 Ways to Boost Your Human Capital

by Luke Landes

There’s something satisfying when looking at a bank statement. I know firsthand that this is more true when your balance is positive. The bottom line is a hard number; if it says $100, you know exactly how much money you have. The net worth, at least the way I count mine, is just as hard […]

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How to Check the Status of Your Tax Refund: Federal and State

by Luke Landes

I am still waiting for the second tax refund the IRS owes me after I filed an amended tax return for 2008. Additionally, the State of New Jersey decided to count my business income twice after I filed an amended tax return, so that refund has been delayed as well. The first tax refunds after […]

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The New Health Insurance Law and Your Money

by Smithee

Aside from some procedural maneuvering in the Senate, the health insurance reform bill that Congress has been working on for the last year, now falling under the Reconciliation Act of 2010 (H.R. 4872) and the Senate health bill, will soon be signed into law. How is the new law going to affect your personal finances? […]

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Podcast 48: The Other 8 Hours, Robert Pagliarini

by Luke Landes

This week’s Consumerism Commentary Podcast features Robert Pagliarini, author of the book The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth and Purpose. Robert talks with Tom Dziubek and discusses meaningless activities that eat away at the spare time in our lives and how to use that time more efficiently. Consumerism Commentary […]

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New Bank of America Credit Card Statement

by Luke Landes

Earlier this month, Smithee shared his glee after receiving his new Chase credit card statement, reflecting changes brought on through the new rules affecting credit cards. I received a new statement this month, as well. I used my Bank of America Signature Visa card recently to purchase airfare for a short vacation, and the charges […]

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Smithee Debt Update, Mid-March 2010

by Smithee

The last three weeks have been pretty lousy for my push to get rid of the credit card debt before summer (summer? When did I decide that? Just now, I guess). With a total balance of about $5,500, and making payments of at least $1,300 a month, you’d think it’d be a straight path to […]

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SmartyPig Savings Account Opening Review

by Luke Landes

For two years, SmartyPig has been making so-called high-yield savings accounts look bad. The 1.00 percent APY currently offered is not a sky-high interest rate, but it beats just about every other major bank. Two years after introducing SmartyPig with a $100 giveaway, and after SmartyPig made some important changes to their fee structure, I decided […]

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Use Less Soap and Detergent in the Washing Machine

by Luke Landes

Doing laundry is one of those chores that’s rather easy, but I find myself avoiding it as much as possible. As a result, I end up doing large loads every seven to ten days. Even for these full loads of clothing, I usually only fill the detergent cup about half way. Even at that point, […]

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Beware the Downloadable Content (DLC)

by Smithee

I buy maybe three video games a year, which is as often as they make games good enough to buy. I find it impossible to pay $60 for a new game, partially because as a child of the original Nintendo, I got accustomed to $40 games, so I always wait at least a couple weeks […]

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