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June 2010

Overdraft Fees: Opting In

by Luke Landes

As we’ve addressed on Consumerism Commentary before, the Federal Reserve will be requiring banking customers to opt-in to overdraft protection. The highly publicized date of the change is July 1, but this is only the date by which new customers must be free from certain overdraft fees without opting into the service. Most of us […]

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Unemployed Job Applicants Are Turned Away Automatically

by Luke Landes

If you are currently looking for a job, you’re probably aware that it’s an employer’s market right now. There are many potential employees for each open position right now. This is making it difficult for recent college graduates, many of whom are likely to move home with their parents as they continue their job search. […]

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Podcast 61: Summer Money Saving Tips, Flexo

by Luke Landes

On today’s episode of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast Tom Dziubek talks with Consumerism Commentary founder Flexo about his money saving tips for the summer. Flexo talks about ways to save money using central air conditioning, cooking outside, saving money booking vacations and also about tax-free holidays in some states. Consumerism Commentary Podcast #61 Summer Money […]

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Smithee Debt Update, Mid-June 2010

by Smithee

Happy Friday. It’s been about a month since my last credit card debt update, and I’m pleased to report that I’m still committed, and the plan continues to work. The weather is getting annoyingly warm, which is usually the time I start engaging in (metaphorically) self-destructive behavior, but I’m in the home stretch now, and […]

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Sales Tax Holidays, 2010

by Luke Landes

This year, many states throughout the nation will offer a sales tax holiday, a period of time during which merchants will not charge customers sales tax. For a few days each year, you can buy certain items without paying the state sales tax. This is a great way to find the purchases you would buy […]

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Secret Billionaire Meeting Revealed

by Luke Landes

In May 2009, a group of the most powerful individuals in the world held a secret meeting to discuss the plans for their significant wealth. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett convinced David Rockefeller to to preside over the first of several billionaire meet-ups. Their idea was first to discuss philanthropy with like-minded individuals and determine […]

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Dollar-Cost Averaging

by Luke Landes

Is dollar-cost averaging (DCA) a sound investing strategy? In theory, dollar-cost averaging allows you to invest smaller portions of your money over a longer period of time, reducing the chance that you pay a price too high for any individual investment. If your ideal allocation calls for $50,000 to be invested in the stock market […]

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Your Plans for the New iPhone 4

by Smithee

We recently asked you to take a poll about your iPhone upgrading intentions, including your contract situation and which hardware features you found the most tempting. The results were sometimes surprising. 162 people answered the poll, and 48 percent of you are planning on upgrading within two months from today. That’s much higher than I would […]

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Pet Ownership: A Financial and Emotional Responsibility

by Luke Landes

My household has almost always included pets. First, let me establish the true hierarchy. It’s very clear when you live with one cat or more that they own the place, and we humans are only permitted to share living space with them because we provide food and shelter. The only years I’ve lived in a […]

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Weekend Reading: U.S. News & World Report’s My Money Blog

by Luke Landes

I am now providing a weekly article to U.S. News & World Report for their website’s “My Money” Blog, an online-only feature. So far, I’ve offered two articles. Here are the two articles I’ve written for this new blog as well as some other articles I’ve enjoyed recently. 10 Unusual Ways to Save Money. This […]

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