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August 2010

The Long-Term Prospects for Stocks: Game Over?

by Luke Landes

For as long as I’ve been paying attention, which admittedly is only the last ten or so years of my total thirty-four, personal finance experts have been extolling stocks as the best long-term investments. Over long periods of time they provide more growth than any other type of investment like bonds, with an expected rate […]

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Philadelphia Wants Bloggers to Pay $300 Registration Fee

by Luke Landes

Though it was never intended initially, Consumerism Commentary and my writing is a business. I pay fees every year to ensure that the state in which I operate, New Jersey, is aware of my business. Business registration with the state is just one out of many possible fees governments charge entrepreneurs and small business owners. […]

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Podcast 70: Avoiding Cell Phone Bill Shock, Michael Gikas

by Luke Landes

Today on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Tom Dziubek talks to Michael Gikas, Senior Electronics Editor at Consumer Reports about avoiding cell phone bill shock. Tom and Mike discuss Consumer Reports’ tips, such as monitoring your usage, adjusting your plan and even evaluating prepaid phone options. Consumerism Commentary Podcast #70 Avoiding Cell Phone Bill Shock, Michael […]

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Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express earn bonus Starpoints

by Luke Landes

If you’re a frequent domestic traveler, having a good credit card with a great rewards program is essential for not only saving money but also for providing preferential service. Previously, we published our favorite travel rewards credit cards and the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express was on the top of the list. […]

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Should There Be a Limit on Copyrights?

by Smithee

I have a poll that I’m hoping you’ll take part in. Current U.S. law says that copyrights on most creative works (songs, movies, books, etc.) are valid until 70 years after the author’s death. It used to be 50 years, but when the 50 year mark was approaching, it was extended another 20. There’s no […]

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Vanguard Expands Target Date Funds to Young Investors

by Luke Landes

Do you plan to retire in 2055? For some reason, that particular year strikes me as the distant future. It’s only 45 years from now — a year today’s 20-year-olds will be checking out of the cubicle and checking into active adult communities. Perhaps it’s because it’s one century after the year Dr. Brown had […]

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Money, Sex, and Infidelity: Who is More Likely to Cheat

by Luke Landes

The results of a study at Cornell University show that in a long-term relationships such as marriage or cohabitation of over a year, income disparity within the couple increases the likelihood of infidelity. The headlines of the study speak more to the data that show men who earn less than their wives are five times […]

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Decline Your Own Credit Card With MasterCard’s Help

by Luke Landes

If you can’t control your own credit card spending, MasterCard is partnering with Citi to come to your rescue. The two companies are announcing a new credit card featuring a service called inControl. This will allow card holders to customize spending limits by category, by country, or by several other criteria. The service is already […]

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More Professional Collateral for Free

by Smithee

Many of us who want to earn more money have side jobs, or a flourishing freelance business or two. We want our customers and clients to take us seriously, but first impressions are often ruined by amateur—or even bad—graphic design. Unless you hire a designer, you’ll never get the constructive criticism you need in order […]

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TD Bank’s Penny Arcade: An Investment With a 58% Return

by Luke Landes

I’m generally a fan of TD Bank and my local branch’s generous operating hours, and I’m also a fan of the bank’s coin counting machine called the Penny Arcade. After my interesting experience last weekend, I’m an even greater (and slightly wealthier) fan. Last weekend, my girlfriend and I counted the coins in our coin […]

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