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November 2010

Podcast 83: Money & Happiness, Laura Rowley

by Luke Landes

On today’s Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Tom Dziubek speaks with Laura Rowley, columnist at Yahoo Finance and author of the book Money and Happiness: A Guide to Living the Good Life. Laura talks about money and its correlation to happiness including topics such as how much money it takes to feel satisfied, at what monetary point […]

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Good Movies, 2011 Investment Strategy, and Basic Financial Terms

by Luke Landes

It’s not often I get a chance to travel to California to visit my family, but I’ll be flying today from east coast to west to spend quality time with my brother, sister-in-law, and mother for Thanksgiving. It will be a fast week; I have plans for just about every day I’ll be in California. […]

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Discover Open Road Card Review

by Luke Landes

The offer you are interested in has expired. Read our review of the best gas credit cards.

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Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength

by Luke Landes

A group of millionaires — the definition of which is any individual with an annual income of over $1,000,000, not a net worth of $1,000,000 — has assembled to let the government know that they’d like the tax cuts for that income level expire, in patriotic duty to the fiscal solvency of the United States. […]

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New Jersey Ranks Fourth for Innovative Companies

by Luke Landes

This came as a surprise to me. According to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, New Jersey ranks fourth for entrepreneurial businesses based on emerging technology. That ranking puts my state, known across the world for Jersey Shore and The Sopranos, behind Maryland, Washington, and first place Massachusetts. California, home to Silicon Valley, ranks ninth. […]

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Chase United Mileage Plus® Signature® Visa Card Review

by Luke Landes

The offer you are interested in has expired. Read our review of the United MileagePlus Explorer Card.

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Extreme Boomerang: Heidi Montag

by Luke Landes

I am completely disconnected from the genre of television shows called “reality.” The fascination with people whose celebrity status stemmed from reality television, or most celebrities in general, seems to be built on a foundation of schadenfreude. People love to hear about the failures of famous people. Heidi Montag and her husband, a couple who […]

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Electronic Cigarettes Might Just Be Ideal

by Smithee

This is an article by Consumerism Commentary staff writer, Smithee. This article assumes that some people smoke and some people don’t. It won’t address the notion that smokers shouldn’t smoke, and I hope you will also avoid that controversial viewpoint in the comments below. People are vaporizing all over town, but don’t worry, they’re doing […]

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Night Owls Are More Intelligent Than Morning Birds

by Luke Landes

If I have to define myself by my productivity tendency based on the time of day, I would have to say I am not a morning person. I imagine my mother is nodding in agreement as she reads this article, as I didn’t make life easy for her while I was a teenager. Though I […]

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Podcast 82: Credit Sesame and Betterment

by Luke Landes

Today’s Consumerism Commentary Podcast, features two guests. In the first segment, Tom Dziubek talks to Adrian Nazari, founder and CEO of the online credit & loan analysis tool Credit Sesame. Adrian discusses how the website can help customers analyze their debt situation and assist them by presenting them with multiple loan options. In the second […]

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