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February 2011

Comparing Airfare is Frustrating: What Would Make You Loyal?

by Luke Landes

Retails airlines are battling their customers. People shopping for flights generally want one thing: the lowest price on airfare. The airline industry doesn’t want that to be the case. They’re making this shopping process more difficult for their customers. For example, some airlines do not make their prices available through websites that aggregate fares, like […]

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Life After Salary: Rolling Over My Pension

by Luke Landes

In a country where large employers are offering fewer defined benefit plans, like pensions, and more defined contribution plans, like 401(k)s, it’s surprising I have a pension. A little more than a month after quitting my day job, I received a notification from my former employer that I was eligible to begin receiving payments from […]

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Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® MasterCard® Review

by Luke Landes

The offer you are interested in has expired. Read our Citi Card reviews.

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Sensuous Value is the Worst Kind

by The Weakonomist

This is an article by The Weakonomist, an anonymous blogger responsible for everything at As a banking insider he’s witnessed the economic implosion from inside the bubble. You can usually find him at the corner of Wall Street and Main Street throwing rocks at traffic. If I presented a monkey with two choices: a […]

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Change of Plans

by Smithee

This post is by staff writer Smithee, who may just be the financial opposite of Flexo. You’re going to think I’m crazy. At the very least, you’re going to think I haven’t learned how to live a financially responsible life. I’ve written here many times about my struggles with just making ends meet, and for […]

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Are Groupon’s Super Bowl Ads Offensive?

by Luke Landes

Update: Groupon has pulled the controversial ad campaign described here. I’m a big fan of Christopher Guest. He has wrote and directed several great films, popularizing the “mockumentary” genre. This is Spinal Tap is one of his highly-acclaimed films. He has also directed many commercials, some of which feature his regular troupe of actors, those […]

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Blogger Dinner in New York, Nannies, and Museums

by Luke Landes

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of getting together with some of my colleagues in the world of personal finance blogs. Six of us, representing My Journey to Millions, Free From Broke, Investor Junkie, and Money Crashers, met for dinner in New York City. My trip to the city allowed me to get in […]

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Financial Motivation to Get in Shape

by Luke Landes

I started the year out right. I didn’t join a gym for my exercise, but I signed up for a “class” using RunKeeper, a mobile application that tracks my progress as I run, walk, or get any physical exercise, and posts my results publicly. It ties into my philosophy well, using the same tricks I […]

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Podcast 94: The Ten Commandments of Money, Liz Weston

by Luke Landes

Today’s guest on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast is Liz Weston, author of The 10 Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy, and the most-read personal finance columnist on the Internet. Liz, Flexo and Bryan discuss each of the ten commandments in the book. The 10 Commandments of Money is available in the […]

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Opening an Individual 401(k) at Vanguard

by Luke Landes

Now that I’m not working for an employer other than myself, I no longer have the benefit of investing part of my salary in a company-managed 401(k), and I also no longer have the benefit of the employer-matched contribution. I’ll miss the 100 percent return on the first 4 percent of my pay. Before leaving my day […]

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