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5 Romantic Outdoor Day Date Ideas Under $30

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School’s back in session, work’s ramping up again, and it’s almost time to let go of summer and fully embrace fall. But that shouldn’t mean your romantic life falls by the wayside. From what I’m seeing in the weather reports, it’s supposed to be a nice warm weekend across the U.S., the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and have a really memorable, fantastic date to carry you through the colder months.

The best part? All of these ideas can be done for $30 or less, proving that frugal can still be fun.

1. Private Wine and Cheese Bicycle Tour

If you don’t already have bicycles, chances are there’s a friend or family member not using theirs this weekend who’s willing to let you borrow. You can get a nice bottle of wine for under $10, a crusty loaf of bread for under $5, and cheese, grapes, and perhaps even some olives for the remaining $15. Pack it all up in a backpack with a corkscrew, a knife and some plastic glasses, and you’ve got all the makings of a fantastic day out.

Find a nice, quiet place to cycle — a local park, a scenic area, or even an official bike path. I suggest avoiding cycling near traffic because of the noise factor. You can look up routes near you at your preferred level of challenge at or just use your favorite search engine. As long as there’s a nice place to stop and enjoy your feast, you’re all set. You may want to pack a light blanket to relax on.

2. Canoe for Two

A quick Google search shows a bevy of rental outlets across the U.S. who will rent a canoe or even sometimes a 1 or 2-person kayak starting as low as $8 an hour:

Pack some sandwiches and fruit in waterproof bags for lunch and you can make a day of it, even if you only spend an hour on the water. There’s lots of opportunity to relax and take in the scenery for free. Make it a double or triple date and you may even qualify for a group discount!

3. The Secluded Beach Getaway

Coastal beach getaways can be prohibitively pricey, but there’s a frugal and possibly more romantic alternative: the lake or recreational/state park “beach”. One such area I’ve personally been to is Penn State Forest in the famous New Jersey Pine Barrens. There’s no entrance fee whatsoever, so for the price of gas and lunch, locals can find a haven in the wilderness with a sandy beach area, picnic tables and the clear, blue swimmable waters of Lake Oswego. You can even get your fill of free wild blueberries, when in season. Bring some chairs or a blanket and swim and sun till dark without fear of a parking ticket.

Spruce Run is another of my NJ favorites — for a $10 entrance fee per car, you can hang out on the beach and watch the colorful sailboats go by, cook out on the provided charcoal grills, or take a dip in the reservoir.

There are lots of public lakes and reservoirs across the country with such amenities, usually for an entrance fee of $10 or less. Google “state parks” or “reservoirs” in your state and you’re likely to find at least a few special retreats. Share your favorites in the comments — I’d love to discover some more great spots.

4. Hammock Time

So you’re not really up for cycling or paddling, but still want to enjoy the great outdoors with your date? Find a hammock (or borrow someone else’s) and create your own retreat for two.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a nice 2-person hammock for $29, and OpenTip has one for even less, though you may have luck at your local Wal-Mart or even a yard sale. All you need is some music, lemonade and a relaxed attitude.

5. Pick-Your-Own Date

Apples are just coming into season where I live, but there’s still a wide choice of fruits and vegetables ripe for the picking. For $30 or less, you can get a nice harvest, plus end up with food for the week. offers a terrific state-by-state listing of farms and their seasonal bounties.

After strolling through the fields, head home and have a little Iron Chef-style dinner for two, seeing what kinds of creative dishes you and your date can create with your newly-acquired produce. You might work together on your creations or choose to enjoy a little friendly competition. Who knows — maybe you’ll even invent a great eggplant dessert.

Updated January 2, 2018 and originally published September 7, 2007.

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avatar 1 Luke Landes

Renting a canoe or kayak is a great idea. This would be a great weekend for that, considering the weather where I am.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Now these are some valuable points right here!

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avatar 3 Anonymous

RE, #1: I would spluge a little more on the wine. I don’t know too many really good wines for less than $10, although two decent ones I could recommend (both reds) are Wrongo Dongo, and Domaine Saint Anne Cotes Du Rhone. If you or your date prefer white, splurge an extra $3-5 for Barone Fini Valdadige Pinot Grigio — it’s the best white I’ve ever had and it sells for just $13-15.

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avatar 4 Sasha

Thanks for the recommendations, Jason. I love to try new wines, esp. inexpensive ones.

My favorite white is actually Bonny Doon Dry Reisling – – it can be had for as low as $8 a bottle. I buy it by the case and so it’s our “house” white. =)

We often pay between $12 and $17 a bottle for reds, but the Rex Goliath Merlot is very full-bodied and smooth and goes for a mere $9. See here for more info, they have a wide assortment of $9 wines but I haven’t tried the others:

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avatar 5 Anonymous


I love these ideas. Very appropriate since Valentines day is around the corner. I like the bike ride date. I just hope we have nice weather that day. Cheers!

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avatar 6 Anonymous

Or just have a pic nic!

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avatar 7 Anonymous

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