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A Video About Quantum Leaps in Finance

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This past weekend (including a few adjacent days) I attended the third Financial Blogger Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. I wrote about the experience in detail on my personal website, so check that out for a full report on the conference.

Some of the highlights relevant to Consumerism Commentary include winning the Lifetime Achievement Plutus Award for this website, participating in an “Ask Me Anything” panel about making money through blogging with J.D. Roth, Andrea Deckard, and Toni Anderson, and discussing my future plans with potential partners.

The folks at Experian were in attendance, as well. We didn’t discuss my recent credit crisis, in which a stranger was able to get a hold of my credit card number. (It seems most likely, due to the timing, that this was a result of the Adobe security breach in September, not the University of Delaware breach announced earlier this year.) Experian was interested in my thoughts about quantum jumps (or leaps) in personal finance, so I agreed to record a video discussing the topic.

Here’s what you should know. I was completely exhausted by the time we recorded this video, and I had already decided to drop my attempts to dress well. Thanks to managing the Plutus Awards and non-stop meetings and sessions, I could barely stand and talk, let alone think. But I made the effort to go through with the recording, and with Experian’s great job producing the video, I wanted to present it despite the lack of my normal, smooth communication style.

I’m not sure I got my point across.

Building wealth slowly over a long period of time is a good start, but by the time you’re old, inflation eats away at your wealth and you’re too old to enjoy it, anyway. Accelerate your wealth by taking a quantum jump; my first quantum jump was getting over my ignorance and becoming aware of my financial situation, but subsequent quantum jumps came from each job change and coming up with a project that would eventually be successful.

For some videos in which my performance is a little more lucid and comprehensible, check out those I made for PNC Bank earlier this year.

Updated June 23, 2016 and originally published October 25, 2013.

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avatar 1 Ceecee

Quit beating yourself up, you did fine. It is hard for a writer to switch to a different mode. I can’t stand in front of people and put two words together. Still reading about the conference, I heard it was fantastic.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Love the quantum leaps analogy.
You’re right – the biggest and most difficult to make quantum leap is when we decide to take control of our finances – the others probably come more naturally as we start thinking about money more deeply

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Don’t sweat it. I thought you did quite well. :-)

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