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Another Week, Another Carnival

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Carnival of Personal Finance #3 is online at AllThingsFinancial. Some interesting posts to highlight:

Alphabet Soup, a guide to the different professional designations in finance.

Nickel warns people to think before writing a check in a world where there is a hot black market for personal banking information.

On AllThingsFinancial, JLP teacher us how to calculate annualized rate of return, an important figure for evaluating a stock portfolio among other things.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. I’ve been quite busy and haven’t had as much time on the internet as usual. As a result, things will probably be a little slow on Consumerism Commentary this week.

What is the Carnival of Personal Finance? Read this introduction. If you’re interested in reading more Carnivals or hosting one, take a look at the schedule.

Updated April 13, 2016 and originally published July 5, 2005.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Actually, it was me (nickel) that wrote about thinking before you write checks, not FMF… But the link is right.

avatar 2 Anonymous

Hitting on all cylinders today eh? :)

avatar 3 Luke Landes

Of course! I’ve fixed it now. I apologize; it’s Monday morning and I’m still looking for my brain.

avatar 4 Luke Landes

By “Monday morning,” I obviously meant “Tuesday morning following a three-day weekend.” Sigh.