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Set Your ATM Preferences

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Marketing e-mails, provided they make it through Google’s top-notch spam filters, get about half a second of attention from me before they get deleted. I’ll spend a bit more time if they come from my bank, and Chase recently caught my eye with an announcement about “setting your ATM preferences” (especially since a large part of my day job is concerned with designing screens where people set their preferences).

Chase was proud to announce that I can now set up my account so that I spend less time at the ATM. Since I put myself on a strict weekly cash budget, I actually do go to the ATM, now, so it’s cool that I can make presets for:

  • QuickChoice withdrawal amount. Select the amount you normally withdraw. The next time you use a Chase ATM, you’ll get your cash and receipt and be on your way.
  • Language preference. Select the language you want to use for your future ATM visits and we’ll remember it next time.
  • Receipt preferences. Choose whether you want us to “Always Print,” “Never Print,” or “Always Prompt” for a receipt.

Granted, this will probably only shorten the ATM time by maybe fifteen seconds. And I go to the ATM once a week. For me, it’s not a big deal at all, but it is kind of cool. It could possibly be even more beneficial for people with limited motor skills, or eyesight problems.

If you also ignore marketing e-mails, but you’re interested to see if your bank offers this, just try Googling for “atm preferences” and the name of your bank. I found that Bank of America offers a similar service, but it looks so far like Wells Fargo doesn’t.

Does this work for you?

Published or updated April 27, 2010.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I have been using this on chase for over a year. Basically you swipe your card, type your pin and hit the quick choice button (instead of the login button). The ATM spits out your cash and a receipt based on your preferences. Its really cool, and makes your transaction take about 30 seconds.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

I agree with Ross…I know this is not a new thing for Chase (it’s been around for a LONG time)…although I wonder if there is a now a way to set the prefs online instead of at the ATM itself, and perhaps that is what the email blast was about?

Either way, I love how much more convenient it makes everything. Chase may do some things wrong (and I used to work for BankOne/JPMC), but both this feature (as well as the check-scanning deposit ATM thingy they have on most ATMs now) are two things that really make me happy to be a Chase customer.

(By the way, your Facebook Connect is totally hosed…it lets me connect, but when I try to post a comment while logged into Facebook, Wordpress throws an error demanding my Name and Email address)

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avatar 3 Anonymous

As much as I hate them, bank of America is really good with this. I swipe my card type in my pin and select $20, $40, etc. All from the same screen. If I want something else I just select other transactions. It’s a small thing, but it makes me happy.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

I have always been annoyed that every time i had to select my language.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Its about time they did this. I mean how hard is it for them to ask and remember that I speak English?

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avatar 6 Anonymous

The opposite is also very cool at Chase, at least what i saw on an ad. Swipe card, enter pin, and you enter your check or even a $20 bill, and that will get deposited into your account, with a printed receipt for you at the end.

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