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Bryan J Busch

Hi, I’m new here. Flexo invited me to create some original videos for Consumerism Commentary, and I’m happy to present the first one, which explains how I managed to retain my (possibly saturated) television habit but simultaneously remove the monthly cable bill.

At the core of the problem was the fact that we were paying for dozens of channels that didn’t interest us. I saw the TV options in iTunes growing, and wanted to see if à la carte television was actually doable and practical. It took me about two years (non-cumulative) of different software and hardware options before I settled on a system that works for us.

The video below shows off what I’ve been able to accomplish, saving us about $70 a month.

Assuming you already have a TV with an HDMI input, here’s what you’ll need if you want to replicate this setup: [click to continue…]