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About the Consumerism Commentary Authors

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Flexo, chief editor and owner
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Flexo’s experience with building online communities dates back to 1990, and he has been writing for the web since 1994. In 2003, he began improving his own personal finances and his online writing has focused on this topic since that time. Consumerism Commentary allows Flexo to share news about the economy, personal finance, and consumer habits as well as sharing his own personal stories and financial updates.

Flexo has contributed original articles to PC World Magazine, US News, Currency from American Express, and other publications.

Tom Dziubek, podcast host and producer
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For the past several years, Tom co-hosted a technology-focused podcast for the Wall Street Journal. He co-hosted the E-Report with Paul Herrmann from 2007 until September 2008. At that time, Flexo and Tom began discussions about working together on a podcast for Consumerism Commentary. Six months later, the Consumerism Commentary Podcast launched.

Bryan J Busch, podcast host and producer
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Bryan J Busch is an all-around, genre-agnostic content creator. He has been producing his own podcast and video for several years. In addition to his experience with audio and video production, Bryan is also a photographer. Bryan is at home whether behind or in front of the camera or microphone, with experience as a stand-up comedian and an improv comedy performer.