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Bank of America Settlement Postcard Checks

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Bank of America’s journey with its overdraft fee class-action lawsuit is coming to an end. Earlier this month, the bank began processing its “refunds” to customers who were affected by a debit processing priority policy that greatly benefited the bank at the expense of its customers. In short, a customer with $500 in the bank would be charged three overdraft fees in one day if a check was processed for $501 in addition to a debit card purchase of $5 and an ATM withdrawal of $20. The highest-to-lowest order was an arbitrary decision by the bank designed to maximize fees, regardless of the order the customer placed those debits.

This lawsuit, and others affecting current and former Bank of America customers, have been discussed at length at Consumerism Commentary.

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Bank of AmericaAfter a number of lawsuits, Bank of America settled the case, and was ordered to pay the customers who were affected by this policy. Earlier this month, customers began receiving mysterious credits in their bank accounts. These credits were the result of the settlement agreement, but reflect a small portion of what each customer has paid to the bank in excessive overdraft fees. The lawyers receive a large portion of the settlement proceeds, leaving less for the consumers. Consumerism Commentary readers have reported receiving credits of less than a dollar, though some have received over a hundred dollars.

In order to receive the automatic credit, customers who are part of the class-action lawsuit must still be Bank of America customers. Those who have left the bank behind for whatever reason by closing their Bank of America accounts will receive their refund in the form of a check, sent through the mail to presumably the last known address. Because families move — in fact, moving from one town to another is a common reason for closing a bank account — many of these checks will not reach their destinations. Any unclaimed refunds go back to Bank of America, and the bank will be required to use those funds for pro-consumer projects.

Former Bank of America customers are now reporting to Consumerism Commentary that they are receiving these checks, all of which must be sent by November 30, 2012. The checks don’t look like normal checks, further increasing the possibility that those who receive the checks do not cash them or deposit the money. The checks look like postcards, and they are designed to save money on postage. Saving money on postage is good because it means more is available for the customers, but it is creating a lot of confusion.

Note: If your address changed since your Bank of America account was closed, see the instructions at the bottom of this article.

  • Many people receiving the postcard checks were unaware that they were part of a class-action lawsuit, so they are not expecting the money.
  • People are often fearful of taking something that doesn’t look like a legitimate check to a bank.
  • Traditional mail is a dying delivery system — except for junk mail. Almost everything people receive through the postal service is junk, increasing the chances recipients will discard this postcard automatically, without scrutiny.

Thankfully, many people are researching this postcard check online and finding the discussion about the Bank of America lawsuit here on Consumerism Commentary. That frustration doesn’t end there, however. Many recipients just can’t deal with checks. The checks are drawn on an account at U.S. Bank, a national bank, customers are having difficulty getting them cashed.

  • Some ATMs won’t accept postcard checks, so you’ll need t go into your bank branch to cash it or deposit the funds.
  • Some bank tellers don’t even realize that a check can come in this postcard form. Ask to speak to a supervisor if the cashier seems confused.
  • Assuming the teller accepts the check as legitimate people living in a different Federal Reserve district than the one in which the check was issued have to deal with a waiting period before the funds are available.
  • For refund recipients who don’t have a bank account, cashing the check can be expensive. Having to pay a $3 fee for a $1.50 check doesn’t make any sense, and someone in that situation might as well shred the check.
  • Driving to the local bank branch might cost more in the use of gasoline than the value of the check.

These postcard checks are legitimate, even if they don’t look like normal checks and if your particular cashier may not have seen one before. You could write a check on a piece of paper, and as long as you include some basic information, it’s a legitimate check, and a bank is required to try to validate and cash it or deposit the funds. The postcard saves the bank money for postage and printing. I’ve received postcard checks for other settlements — I was not part of the Bank of America settlement class having never been a customer of Bank of America’s checking account. I’ve received postcard checks also for rebates: I most recently purchased a ream of paper from Staples for $1 after rebate, and the rebate came in the form of a postcard check.

If you received a postcard check, feel free to share your experiences trying to cash it or deposit the funds by leaving a comment here. With all the checks set to be sent by November 30, perhaps some customers will be able to use the funds to assist in holiday-related expenses — or to assist in making housing payments or buying food. If the check is a low amount, however, the hassle may neutralize anything positive about receiving the refund.

Did your address change?

If your address changed since you had a Bank of America account and you believe your check was not or will not be sent to the correct address, you’ll need to write a letter requesting the address change to the following:

Checking Account Overdraft Litigation
P.O. Box 2505
Faribault, MN 55021-9505

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Updated September 23, 2015 and originally published November 21, 2012.

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avatar 1 TakeitEZ


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avatar 2 Anonymous

The check cashing place said it wasn’t real. I’ll try a US Bank location or my credit union on Friday I guess.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

$30 or so. This is so wrong for both the shareholders (of Bofa) and the consumer. Only winners here are the lawyers.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

What a joke $2.18 on a postcard hardly seems fair that the Lawyers win in this case.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

I got $125.41 and let me tell you, BofA ruined 3 years of my life financially. We used our card for a lot of things during that time and mysteriously we were ALWAYS in the negative. They made a ton of money off us and I don’t care that it’s only a portion of what we spent, I’m glad they had to shell it out. I hate that bank.

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avatar 6 Anonymous

Any luck cashing them??? People look at me like I’m trying to cash a fake check.

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avatar 7 Anonymous

Wow a whole 89.11 what a freaking joke. So I am a bit of a hoarder and have all my statements since I opened my account in 2006 and while going over the statements within this time frame I was charged for multiple bs overdraft fees totaling over 3000.00 with one day having 4 fees in one day which was the exact same day my paycheck got deposited. So out of all that 89? That doesn’t even cover that one day of screw up… smh here I was expecting at least a fourth of the money from their screw up. Knowing that the lawyers will take a large chunk of the money as is.

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avatar 8 Anonymous

Same thing happened to me. I’m sure I lost $1000’s before I could close out my account. I havn’t recieved mine yet but I recieved one letter that they were allowing $5,000 per person per household on checking or $2500 per person if two were on checking. So I was expecting $5000, since that seemed to be the amount they were allowing. So far I havn’t recieved nothing but it doesn’t sound like it payed for one day overdraft. What a slp in the face.

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avatar 9 Anonymous

Well I got a check for $213. I know they took a ton more but I’m happy I got what I got after hearing what others got. I also filed a complaint with Better Business before closing my account about two years ago and BofA paid me $300 to make me happy.

For cashing the check, I went into a US Bank location and they had no problem cashing it. The cashier looked like she knew what a postcard check was. My account was joint, so my husband and I were both on the check – so she did require that we both give our thumb print and show our IDs. We also do not have an account there so we were charged $5 for them to cash it.

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avatar 10 Anonymous

Im glad a bunch of punk lawyers got rich off of me getting royally screwed over by a bank. A 6 dollar check that cost me 5 dollars to cash at a US Bank. That’s a 99.999% loss on the over draft fees I wrongfully had to pay. :(

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avatar 11 Anonymous

while I got 2.49 its has actually ruined me as far as checking account go . because of this its is near impossible for me to open a new account.

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avatar 12 Anonymous

WOW! I received $1.16. What a joke.

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avatar 13 Anonymous

did they pay the attorney’s on postcard checks and did they pay them like they did us???????If it wasn’t such a pain to change banks I would seeing as how they basically robbed me. Maybe that is why people do not get so excited over bank robbers taking money. It is kind of getting even!

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avatar 14 Anonymous

They sent me a post card check for $7.68. The lawyers in must work for or with BankOfAmerica. there the only winners here and, If I got screwed out of the large amount of cash That they beat me for I really feel for those with big checks because youll should be in the poor house by now.

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avatar 15 Anonymous

This is just BS! only got $5.09 after they took over $1,000 this is super CRAZY! & the lawyers get all of our money!! Hope they spend it well….

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avatar 16 Anonymous

I’m glad I looked this up…I thought for sure it was some kind of junk mail. But I read it closely and looked it up to be sure. Although I only got $10.18, it’s money in my pocket. I ditched BOA because of all the ridiculous fees and their customer service. I would never deal with them again. I haven’t tried to cash it yet but I’m sure my bank will be ok with depositing. They have never given me any problems and I have been banking with them for many years. It is kind of sad that we the consumers whose lives were put in up roar are getting petty cash outs while the lawyers are making out like bandits but then again if it wasn’t for the lawyers doing their jobs we wouldn’t be getting anything. Those of you who received hundreds of dollars- I can only imagine the fees and troubles you went through considering I know what I went through and I only got $10.

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avatar 17 Anonymous

I recieveved a shameful $20.54!! lol!!

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avatar 18 Anonymous

I received the postcard check for $33.32 and I plan to try and cash it. As a sahm I could use the money to buy a box of diapers. Yay! Glad to know its not a scam I will go to my bank or try US Bank.

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avatar 19 Anonymous

I got a check for 138.44! Imagine what the attorneys got for my portion!! I couldnt cash it over the weekend-on my way to the bank now! I almost threw it away! Looked like junk mail; I’ll be more careful in the future about junk mail, thats for sure!

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avatar 20 Anonymous

This is not cool. First they take the money from you and from what I got it appears to be like 1% of what they took from me. But anyways I can’t cash it. Everywhere I try to take it, the card readers don’t work because its not a standard check size. Not to mention that I almost threw it away because it looked like a piece of junk mail. I will try a check cashing place this weekend. What a crock!

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avatar 21 Anonymous

I got a check for $87.25 and while they did take thousands from us for all kind of ridiculous fees, this check is money in our pockets! We may have never received anything had no one filed a lawsuit so all we can do is be grateful. Hopefully I can deposit or cash this check with no problems :)

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avatar 22 Anonymous

Got a postcard “check” a few days ago. I bank with USAA and have to deposit through a local UPS store, they won’t deposit it because there system doesn’t recognize it as a check. My husband attempted to have BOA cash it but they refused as its not drawn on their account. I also tried with a local bank we have an account with and they say no as well. Now hoping I can use a check cashing place to cash it. Left bank of America back in 09 and haven’t looked back. Left them on good terms so I do have checking accounts with other banks it just seems like this postcard is UN-cashable!

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avatar 23 Luke Landes

Demand to speak with a supervisor. These are cashable, legitimate checks, and tellers are often clueless. If you have an account with a bank, even Bank of America, they can cash or deposit it, regardless if it was “drawn on their account.” It sounds like BOA is telling its cashiers not to deal with these checks to cause more trouble, but they can and should cash or deposit them.

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avatar 24 Anonymous

Just wanted to confirm they are cashable. I have successfully cashed mine and so have two other people I know who got them. But all three of us had them cashed at US Bank.

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avatar 25 Anonymous

Thanks nova! I’m glad to hear someone that cashed it legitimately, Because At first I thought this is weird cashing a postcard check

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avatar 26 Anonymous

I received a check for 165.57 at first I tossed it aside thinking it was junk mail until I looked at it further, so I went to my local Walmart to cash it since my bank was closed and its only 3bucks to cash there, the cashier had just cashed a similar one earlier but when she went to cash mine got a error code of 2 and gave me a slip to call a number turns out Walmart has flagged these postcard checks as fraudulent activity so I wasn’t able to cash it going to take it to my bank after work to see if they will allow me to deposit it.

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avatar 27 Anonymous

What do you do if you have not received a check yet? My daughter received her check a whopping $68 (totally wrong considering the amount of overdraft fees charged!!) but we have not received anything.

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avatar 28 Luke Landes

All the checks have been sent as of yesterday, but it could be another week or two before they’ve all been received. If you don’t get one by the middle of December (and you received a postcard a few years ago indicating you were part of the settlement class), contact the settlement administrator by writing to: Checking Account Overdraft Litigation, P.O. Box 2505, Faribault, MN 55021-9505. Unfortunately, mail seems to be the only way to contact them. The phone number they’ve offered is just an automated response system that provides no more information than what you can find online.

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avatar 29 Anonymous

As of when? I do not see a date on any of these comments. thanks!

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avatar 30 Anonymous

What a mission to try to cash this check. I got the “postcard” check for $120 in the mail today. I first went to walmart to cash it and they just told me they’d never seen one before and couldn’t understand why a bank of america check would draw out of US Bank. . Then i went to a check cashing store and the lady just looked at me and told me it was a scam check, she later called US Bank to verify the check and they told her it was a legit check with a legit account number . However she said she felt uncomfortable cashing it knowing that it still could be a scam. Long story short I had to drive an hour out of my way to the nearest US bank. They seemed to have no problem cashing it.

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avatar 31 Anonymous

I haven’t recieved a check yet either but I have moved a couple of times since I closed the account. Each time I moved I submitted a change of address form with the post office so I’m hoping it finds its’ way to me. Crossing my fingers!!

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avatar 32 Anonymous

Isn’t there something that can be done about this osburd injustice? Cant we ban together to fight these greedy swindling lawyers who are no better than BOA? Remember they (in a sense) were hired by us! So in knowing that & having that power, can’t we demand to see all the monies and where it all went? Also, can’t we ask that they show us how each account was estimated and how they came to the conclusion that we deserve $14 (my check) for almost $7k or more (my overdraft fees within my time at BOA) in overdrafts that we’ve incurred? We need to demand answers and paperwork showing everything, every check, every expense, every everything, etc!!!!!!!! I’m quit sure that’s within our laws, and if we ban together…..I’m also sure that with all of these discrepencies, we can form a lawsuit against the lawyers!

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avatar 33 Anonymous

Also, why is it that if some checks aren’t cashed they go back to BOA…instead of splitting it amongst the people who lost all the money in the first place? I just sent a letter to all of the lawyers and law firms complaining (not that I think Im going to be heard), but I will be in touch on what they are saying. I asked them to do a report of the funds and where it all went. Also to show proof of all the accounts paid, to input their expenses, and to make it public on their website ( so that us little people who basically hired them by joining this suit can see where/what our monies were used for & where it all went? There is no way (as stated on their website) that they carefully went through all accounts and came to the decision that people who lost thousands deserve 1% or less of what they lost!

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avatar 34 Anonymous

Will the bank accounts closed due to overdrafts be removed from my credit and checksystems reports? I definitely plan to contact the attorney’s on this case to find out the answer.

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avatar 35 Luke Landes

Items stay on your ChexSystems report for five years.

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avatar 36 Anonymous

I want to know if I still have to pay the money that is listed on my credit since the account was closed due to overdraft and I have gotten about $300 from them!! I should not have to pay the entire balance? How do I find out this information?

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avatar 37 Anonymous

Cindy, I’m no expert but I don’t think so. Heck mine went to collections and they offered to settle the debt at a lower price and I paid it – and it still reflects negatively on my part. I was told I had to get BofA to remove it. Interested to see what a lawyer says if you do contact one.

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avatar 38 Anonymous

I wonder if there will be other payments besides the $1.06 I recieved

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avatar 39 Anonymous


According to the settlement website these checks CAN be cashed at any BoA branch. I am not sure what they are telling you, but according to this site: the check CAN be cashed at BoA branches.

Another BoA scam it seems to not allow it to be cashed at their banks….

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avatar 40 Anonymous

I’ve been to four different B of A locations and they all refuse to cash or deposit the check. They told me I have to go to a US bank location. Problem is, there isn’t a US bank within a 100 miles of me.. What a joke

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avatar 41 Anonymous

I thought this was junk mail also but took to US Bank & they confirm it’s legit & cashed it, since I do not have an account w/US they charged me $5 to cash it. My check was for $94.64.

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avatar 42 Anonymous

I can really do alot with $4.65……thanks alot, what a joke.

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avatar 43 Anonymous

Got the notice but not gotten the postcard check. Does anyone have any info on how to track it down? An address or phone number? Hate to see the lawyers or the bank get their grubby hands on even a penny more than what I have lost to them already. Left them a few years ago and no problems since.

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avatar 44 Anonymous

did y’all ever think to balance your check book once in a while. I hate the blammers of the world. NOTHING is ever your fault.

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avatar 45 Anonymous

@Ken……I did and that’s why I received this nice check for $4.65. Now have you ever balanced yours? NO

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avatar 46 Anonymous

Still did not receive a check. sent letter over a month ago and received no response!!

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avatar 47 Anonymous

Don’t all banks clear the largest check first? I banked with BOA and left.. I am now with Regions and have used First TN also, and they both seem to clear the highest to the lowest… I called the customer service number and they confirmed that they do clear highest to lowest…

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avatar 48 Anonymous

Received a postcard about upcoming funds to come my way over 2 yrs ago and nothing. I have had an ongoing situation with a CC that I take responsibility for and did not pay balance of 650 dollars. I paid it off all except 200 on 3 separate occassions and with fees and interest and reached a whooping 1800 dollars 3 differ times. they expect me to pay this? Their fee’s and interest keep you from every paying off entirely.So the 650 dollars is over 4000 dollars.

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avatar 49 Anonymous

so I have a stange question….I recieved my post card check, and it says to endorse on the back, but where? When you flip it over, it is an address.

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avatar 50 Anonymous

Well I got a check in the mail today October 1, 2013 for $10.18, and it was issued to me on September 27, 2013, but it was void after September 26, 2013. So I wasn’t able to even try to cash mine. They voided it the day before they issued it to me. Cant call and talk to anyone, you get a answering service that tells you that you have to write to them, but why waste more time and wait around for no answer. This is a joke. Another way for people to just take what you work hard for to live here in America. It is the American way.

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avatar 51 Anonymous

a friend of mine got check for $17,345.75 and another friend got one for $9.49. I don’t get why one of them got THOUSANDS while the other one got DOLLARS????

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avatar 52 Luke Landes

That’s one for the record books. If it’s true this friend must have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in overdraft fees. I can’t imagine how.

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avatar 53 Anonymous

He took a pic of his check and posted it on Facebook. Trust me I was Shocked!!! You can add me on Fb and go look on my friends list for “Jonathon Harris” and you will see. :)

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avatar 54 Anonymous

That sure doesn’t make a lot of sense. There is absolutely no way that someone could’ve racked up enough overdraft fees to justify that check. I bet he was pretty happy though.

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avatar 55 Anonymous

I had an account with them in 2005 in Knoxville,tn and I hadn’t heard anything sence I move back here to Spartanburg s.c .so is it to late for address is 8113 Daniel ct .Spartanburg s.c 29303 my phone number is please tell me it’s not to late

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avatar 56 Anonymous

I got the postcard to join the lawsuit but I didn’t do anything about it : I want someone to find a lawsuit to BOA again because they still keep overcharge me : I though the law said they can’t do overdraft fee ? like yesterday I call automatic system they said my account was -300 something so I went to deposit money to cover that : and this morning I call to check they charge me for overdaft with is only 10ish that they put it in after I called and deposit :that BS ?? that how they make money from customer?

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avatar 57 Anonymous

recently attempted to cash an overdraft settlement check from Chase…AT Chase Bank in Pasadena, TX. DENIED!!! They told me I could only DEPOSIT it!
***I do ALL of my banking online. The “brick & mortar” banks don’t treat customers very well…in my opinion.***
So, the next day I tried to cash it at a local check cashing place…they told me the check was void! (4 days before the ACTUAL VOID DATE)
After calling several other local Chase Bank branches, I found that Chase Bank SHOULD have cashed the check! So… I guess I’m out of $51.95. It’s not a large check at all….but still NOT RIGHT!! I know I’m not the only one.


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avatar 58 Anonymous

I did not receive a dollar

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avatar 59 Anonymous

i recive a check for 5.75 what a scam (CAlifornia)

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avatar 60 Anonymous

my check is for 32.04…. not near what they got from me… have not tried to cash it yet.. just got it this evening… will try wal mart but I bet I end up at US bank….
wow…. is all I can say to what I have read..

cathy…. Madison Wisconsin

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avatar 61 Anonymous

I got mine today, 8/31/15 for $200, nice unexpected surprise. Totally forgotten about this from forever ago, and deposited via my phone into my account, no problem.

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