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Best of 2006, January Through June

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At the end of last year, I put together a list of the “Best of 2005,” just a collection of posts here at Consumerism Commentary that might stand out. There was no rhyme or reason to my selection. Needless to say, I’m very lenient with my definition of “best.”

We’re more than halfway through 2006, so I’ve compiled a similar list for January through June. Continue readining for a look back at 2006 so far.

Saving, Budgeting, and Frugality
What to Do When Your Bank is Merging
Financial Sharing Within Couples
Overspending vs. Underearning
Financial Responsibility More Important Than Hot Sex
HOWTO Deal With Winning the Lottery
HOWTO Get Personalized Financial Advice
Your House: Asset or Liability?
Personal Finance Classes Do More Harm That Good for Teens
Disneyland and How We Didn’t Save Money
Fancy Weddings on a Budget
The World of a Super-Spoiled Teenager
Ten Tips for Cutting Car Expenses
Baby on the Way? Get Ready to Be Shocked!
Maybe Lend Money to Your Friends
Getting Paid for Changing Your Flights

Debt, Credit and Credit Cards
New Emigrant Direct Credit Card
Spend More With Cash or Plastic
Raising Interest Rates
American are NOT in Bad Shape With Credit, Sort Of
50-Year Mortgages
Student Loan Consolidation: The Countdown Begins
Deceptive Credit Card Offers: Two-Cycle Billing, Universal Default, Over-Limit Fees, Due Times
Dustin Diamond (Screech)’s Strage Land Contract

Investing, Insurance and Growing Money
Stocks are for Suckers?
Quick Guide to Asset Allocation
Roth 401(k) Not for Everyone
Stupid Investment of the Week: Teach Me to Trade
The Future Is Grim: Ben Stein
Historically Inaccurate Numbers
Benefits of Dividends
How Liz Pulliam Weston Become a Millionaire
Trading Stocks? Do It Like a Vulcan!
Sell Your Life Insurance Policy
Does This Number Impress You
Millionaires Investing in Cash but Watch Stocks

Seven Tax Mistakes You Might Make, Part 1, Part 2
Walking Away From Your Money
Tax Bill Passed By House and Senate

Employment Trends in 2006
Wage Inequality
How to Become as Rich as Bill Gates
Underpaid or Overtitled
Changes to Online Job Hunting
Ben Stein Protects America
Move Where Cost of Living is Low
Seven Tips When Starting a New Job
Be a Financial Advisor
Even Lousy CEOs Get Great Pay
How to Succeed: Be A Jerk
Six Steps to Being Your Own Boss, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
After Graduations: Choices, Plans and Risks, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Review of Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People by Jane Bryant Quinn
The Number is Anti-American
A Look at Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
First Impression: The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner by David Bach
A Look at The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner by David Bach
Review: Career Intensity by David Lorenzo

Hot Cars and Cheap Cars
To Speak to an Operator, Press %sect;
Bag Lady Syndrome
Five Signs You Have Too Much Money
Comcast Neglected to Mention
Saving Another $10 on Cable Internet
Tips for Picking Out a Suit
Verizon FiOS Driving Down Comcast Prices
Selling a Car While Upside Down

Carnival of Personal Finance #46
Carnival of Personal Finance #53
Carnival of Investing #3
Carnival of Debt Reduction #20
Carnival of Debt Reduction #32
Carnival of Investing #25

Flexo’s Finances
Money Transferred to Debt
Tax Filing Time, I’m Going to Owe
My Money Mistake #1: Not Knowing My Net Worth
I Got The Job
TIAA-Cref Didn’t Fund My SEP IRA

Getting in Physical Shape
Ten Free Ways to Improve Sleep, Part 1, Part 2
The Finance of Sleep Loss
Sleep Well and Cheap But Beware Melatonin
Buying My Way in Shape

Rebate Scams
Introducing the MoneyBlogNetwork
My Money Blogger Podcast Interview
The Latest Buzz, Part 1:
Bank Robbers Steal Worthless £50m
Ten Websites I Couldn’t Live Without
You Will Go to the Moon

Updated February 7, 2012 and originally published July 30, 2006.

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