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Buying a House, The Diderot Effect and Awesome Customer Service

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A few times a month, Lance from Money Life and More will stop by to share some of the best articles from across a variety of publications, including other blogs and mainstream media.

Life has been extremely busy for us over the last few weeks! I recently bought a house and had to write a huge check for it at closing. Well, at least it was huge for me. It is weird not seeing that big chunk of cash in my bank account but we still have our emergency fund intact.

We’re hoping that the new house won’t lead us down the path of the Diderot effect. Paula at Afford Anything explains that the Diderot effect very well, and luckily we haven’t fallen victim to it in a major way yet. I have a feeling we’ll be more susceptible down the road though so we’ll have to keep our guard up.

Len Penzo says you can call me almost anything but please don’t call me cheap. Have you ever done something and had someone call you cheap? Len explains the difference in his mind between cheap and frugal. Do you agree with his assessment?

Frugal Rules shared an awesome example of customer service. LL Bean is an awesome company with an awesome policy. Unfortunately you normally only hear about bad customer service stories on the internet so this was a nice change of pace. You can read more about what LL Bean did for her when she contacted them about her many year old worn out slippers. It is an awesome story.

Michael from Financial Ramblings offers a few tips for haggling, even for those who hate haggling. It’s a great way to save money here and there, and sometimes all you have to do is ask. Michael shares seven “magical” words that help get the haggling started.

Finally, J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy reminds us about the paradox of our time. I think everyone can relate to this poem. Take the time to read it. It’s short and helps us remind us what is important in life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts from around the internet. Take some time this weekend and do something you’ve wanted to get done. There is no time like the present! Until next time…

Updated June 23, 2016 and originally published April 28, 2013.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Thanks so much for the mention, I really appreciate it! Hope you’re having fun with the new place Lance.

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avatar 2 Lance

New place is definitely bigger, which was the main goal. We love it so far!

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Thanks for the mention. It’s much appreciated!

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avatar 4 Lance

Not a problem! Thanks for stopping by!

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avatar 5 Anonymous

I’m lucky to spend time with Len every week on our podcast. …he’s SO cheap! I’m kidding, of course. Nice list, Lance!

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avatar 6 Lance

Definitely not cheap after that post today about his new Accord! I don’t blame him though… he sits in traffic I think… right?

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avatar 7 Anonymous

Thanks Lance! Congratulations on the new house!

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avatar 8 Lance

Thanks Paula! We’re keeping our old townhouse as a rental too! I know you’re fond of those!

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avatar 9 Anonymous

I AM totally fond of those! I’m glad you’re keeping it as a rental … I predict you’ll discover that you’ll grow addicted to having passive income roll in …. :-)

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