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Carnival of Investing #25

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Welcome to Consumerism Commentary and the 25th edition of the Carnival of Investing! For any visitors new to Consumerism Commentary, feel free to learn more about me and this website or peruse my investing articles. Thanks to Jonathan from MyMoneyBlog who has kept the Carnival of Investing going. Here is what we’ve had this week:

Flip off. We start with property investing. Nubricks presents the art of flipping planned property and new homes.

Take off. From GuruFocus comes a piece helping you make your investing returns take off. Here’s how: never lose money. All right, good luck!

Look deep. It’s Just Money warns of Investor Mistake #4: thinking you’re diversified when you’re not.

Poor returns. The lack of diversification is just one cause of poor returns. FMF has two more from an MSN Money article. See what else is killing your returns.

Smart is gullible. Paul shows us the easiest way to fool smart people on his blog, Paul’s Tips.

That’s less tax, Marv. Experiments in Finance wants to know if anyone knows any good strategies for maximizing capital loss carryovers. He’s looking for suggestions.

Not scrubbing. Jim has been watching market bubbles, and on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, he shares what he has learned; namely, magazines are slow.

Savings calculator. JLP, the new master of online calculators, has a new one to help determine how much you can save in a lifetime.

It’s neural. “D”igital Breakfast created a neural net market model to predict the close of the XAU gold index, the Nasdaq QQQQs, and the SPYders for this past Friday. Check to see how accurate the model was.

It’s risky. Idempotent posts an article on his trading journal about the pitfalls of looking only at expectancy when judging success in trading.

It’s bubble-icious. Harrison Loke presents How to survive in the housing bubble on Journey to Financial Freedom.

If they mated. George plays Dr. Frankenstein by putting the brain of Joel Greenblatt (the Magic Formula) inside the body of Phil Town (Rule #1’s Five Big Numbers). His monster creation is successful at finding great companies at reasonable prices.

It’s chart-tastic! InvestorGeeks informs readers on how to determine support and resistance levels on stock charts.

Reduce the spread. My 1st Million at 33 suggests a trick to get around the bid/ask spread in some cases: deal directly with market makers.

Kudlow vs. Rand Mover Mike takes offense to a recent Lawrence Kudlow article in which the author berates capitalism’s lack of a moral core and praises the United States government. Mike turns the tables.

Read my lips. Ask Uncle Bill says low tax rates are good for the economy. He goes as far as to suggest New Yorkers should move to Texas.

It’s a tool. Investorial shares an article about PFdigg which is like, but for only personal finance articles. I dig. As of now, Investorial’s face is all over the front page, which is kind of surreal.

Half a world away. The Daily Dose of Optimize takes a look at the Saudi Arabian stock market, which has been through a spectacular boom-bust cycle driven by a speculative frenzy over oil prices along with government sanctioned mass participation in the market.

That is the question. Trent presents DELL or No DELL? posted at Stock Market Beat, saying, “Think a stock is cheap but afraid it will go down more? You may want to consider writing put options.”

Like large caps, only larger. Abnormal Returns presents Megacap catalysts posted at Abnormal Returns, saying, “Patience for investors is a virtue. A catalyst has emerged that may finally reverse the persistent undervaluation of the megacap sector.”

Like Joey to Friends. Old Niu presents The Sprint/Embarq Spin-off posted at Old Niu’s Blog. He provides some thoughts about looking for investing opportunities in spin-offs.

That’s it for this week’s edition of the Carnival of Investing. Some of the articles may look familiar as they were also submitted to the Carnival of Personal Finance, which will be hosted by Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge later this morning. If you submitted an article and it’s not included here, either I didn’t receive the email or it was not related to investing.

Next week’s Carnival of Investing will be hosted by Canadian Capitalist. For more information, take a look at the Carnival of Investing’s home at MyMoneyBlog.

Updated April 13, 2016 and originally published June 5, 2006.

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Thanks for hosting, Flexo. A good summary for everything.

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I think you might have missed the link to my article in your paragraph above that starts with, “If they mated.” The link is

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avatar 3 Luke Landes

Sorry about that, George. I’ve fixed the entry.

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Thanks for hosting this Carnival and incorporating the links I sent over. Yay Flexo!

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I think the “Master of Online Calculators” should go to Political Calculations. But thanks anyway!

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Thanks for hosting!

Well, it wouldn’t be my face all over PFDigg if everybody joined in and “PFDigged” their favourite PF blogs!

Join in!

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